It’s Only Live Once

Strictly for cricket lovers!


Book Title: It’s Only Live Once
Author: Ishan Kamdar

Book Title:
The book’s title, It’s Only Live Once is exciting and enigmatic. Only after a quick at the cover page and the blurb once can understand the intent.

Book Cover:
The book It’s Only Live Once has the cover image of a cricket ball, cricket wickets, and a pigeon with a stadium in the background.

My review:
Cricket is a religion in India. Yes! Every cricket lover will accept this. Everyone has their own favorite cricketers too! Ishan Kamdar’s book, It’s Only Live Once can be considered a gift to all those cricket lovers who now miss live matches due to the pandemic.

Though all watch the cricket matches that happened in the past, the happiness and the excitement one feels during a live game is unexplainable.   In this regards, author Ishan gave his readers a book where live match happens verbally.

The rules, the commentary, the rivalries, the reactions, the emotions, and the exciting encounters between the teams are well described. This book is for every cricket lover!


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What I like:
1. It is all about cricket
2. The excitement and the interest is sustained well
3. The intriguing cricket encounters

What I didn’t like:
There is nothing to dislike, but the book is strictly for people who enjoy the reading concept of playing cricket!

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The characters that author Ishan created for the story obviously reflect the famous superstars of the cricket game. One can relate to their favorite cricketers. The best part is, these characters are universal apart from the names.

Almost every cricketer has had great innings during their reign. This book is almost like a tribute to their outstanding work and a salute to their sportsmanship. The names Captain Sharma,  Kumar,  Khan, etc. are so incredibly used that they remind us of many stalwarts.

This is as good as a cricket commentary that we usually witness while watching a cricket game live! The excitement, the suspense and the thrill factor that author Ishan maintained throughout the book are incredibly appreciable.

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Language & Grammar:
An excellent, elegant and straightforward language is used in It’s Only Live Once. The technical terms of the cricket game are also used. The book cricket that we can coin is exciting and captivating. A true cricket lover will enjoy the jargon and the names used in the book.

My Final Verdict:
Strictly for cricket lovers!


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