Book Review: ‘Landscapes of Wilderness’ by Narendra

Rediscover the Harmony of Nature: A Journey into the 'Landscapes of Wilderness

Book Title: Landscapes of Wilderness: Meditations on the World that We Live In
Author: Narendra
Publisher: HarperCollins India
Number of Pages: 256
ISBN: 978-9356995338
Date Published: Apr. 23, 2024
Price: INR 320

Landscapes of Wilderness by Narendra Book Cover

Book Review

Narendra’s “Landscapes of Wilderness” explores the complex link between nature and humanity, showing how they both influence and are influenced by one another. The book presents a gripping account of a life spent in peace with the wild, unaffected by the pressures of civilization, challenging contemporary ideas of purpose and goal. Narendra offers a rich tapestry of cultural immersion and personal development based on his considerable experience living in Chhattisgarh’s tribal tribes.

His journey from a boy in a North Indian village to an ethnographer in Abujhmad demonstrates nature’s transformational potential. His experiences living in a bamboo hut, eating modest foods, and enjoying isolation led him to reject society’s existential issues. Instead, he discovered calm in the natural world’s rhythm, where the distinction between self and landscape dissolves. This contemplative excursion serves as the book’s central theme, emphasizing nature’s enormous effect on our inner existence.

The story swings over in time and place, taking the reader from the 1950s North Indian village of Narendra’s early years to the 1980s tribal communities and the current Ghaziabad urban sprawl. The book examines how human behavior is evolving and how religious and ideological identities are becoming more distinct via these changes. Narendra skillfully integrates themes of ecology, folklore, and philosophy, even if the wording can occasionally be complex. In spite of this, the book’s cadence eventually becomes apparent, making for a satisfying read. The photos in the book add more beauty to the reading experience.

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Landscapes of Wilderness” by Narendra explores ancient learning methods and a society with biodiversity. The book features simple individuals, highlighting the endurance of wisdom amidst market pressures. It explores modern living and our connection to nature, urging us to live with fewer distractions and ambitions. Narendra’s views are relevant in an age of information overload and the pressure to “live each day as if it were your last.” Thus, “Landscapes of Wilderness” encourages spiritual, intellectual, and geographical study to reconsider our role in the world and our influence on natural settings.

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