Book Review: Lies Our Mothers Told Us by Nilanjana Bhowmick


Book Title: Lies Our Mothers Told Us: The Indian Woman’s Burden
Author: Nilanjana Bhowmick 
Publisher: Aleph Book Company 
No. of pages: 272

Book Review:

Women in India have a complicated life because of paradoxical statements in ancient India. An Indian woman faces violation, abuse, and discrimination and is worshipped as Devi. Since the medieval ages, women have been subjected to low rights and punishment.

It is a myth that women held critical positions in ancient Indian society. Going back into history, it is a tinted-glass theory that women were mighty.

This book by Nilanjana is an actual account of women and their burdened position in the populated place, where inequality is automatically embraced and endured by them. Although many women in the past have brought parity in their lives, on the other side, especially from the middle class, they are now vocal and still fighting for their rights.

Lies Our Mothers Told Us by Nilanjana Bhowmick
Lies Our Mothers Told Us by Nilanjana Bhowmick

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This attitude is of late showcased for the regression faced, which also results in empowerment. Less pay, constant objectification, offensive attacks from fellow people, discredit their decision-making skills, and such are fatal to Indian Women’s mental and physical health.

It is essential for all those writers and authors, especially the female, to bring out such literature that has factual and authentic information on Indian women and their life, quoting that her life has not changed in generations! It is the same as it was centuries ago! The economic independence of a middle-class woman is never considered seriously.

Even today working woman’s salary is viewed as a bonus but not the actual salary. Factors like this, where a woman is ignored, and her voice is unheard, result in emotional outbursts. There will be no woman who doesn’t want her role to be exchanged for that of a man.

The book is written in the first person and in easy language with powerful narration and actual stats. Each of the 272 pages present in the book is as precious as a woman’s freedom. It is high time that women have to depend or wait for a nod.

Not everyone, but this woman also knows her mettle, believes in her decisions, shows anger when needed, gives love to the deserved, and never underestimates herself. Books like this are thought-provoking and mind-feeding. Don’t miss this book!

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