Life Lessons From Hazrat Nizamuddin


Book Title: One Who Serves Becomes The Master: Life Lessons From Hazrat Nizamuddin

Author: Bela Upadhyay

Format: Kindle

About the book:

Hazrat Nizamuddin is an extremely revered Sufi saint from the Indian subcontinent and the founder of the Chishti Nizami order. He was born in Badaun to a poor family, and he chose to dedicate his life to the Sufi vision of love, peace and service to the poor. Though he lived from 1238–1325, his words are studied even today. This book is on his beliefs and teachings. 

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The book is Edited by Bela Upadhyay, who is a curator and storyteller. Under her venture as Delhi Eventalist, she facilitates storytelling workshops and experiences for children, young adults, corporate employees, and organizations around stories from folktales, literature, and history. She holds a certification from Kathalaya’s International Academy of Storytelling, as well as a diploma in Advertising and Public Relations.

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My Thoughts:

Generally, spirituality is all about knowing oneself. But it can also be extended to understand the things beyond the three dimensions. Spirituality involves a belief in a higher power, but it can also apply a holistic idea in an individual connection to others and the world as a whole. Pure spirituality is non-physical existence; hence it has no dimensions: neither time nor space. As physical beings, we are assuming upon ourselves dimensions. When as physical beings, we seek spirituality, we aim to get as close as possible to that ultimate state of non-physicality. 

In my eyes, the most practical way to that is simplicity. The physical existence introduces complexity into our life. When we choose clarity in any aspect of the experience, we become closer in a way to our spiritual state of being, says Spiritual Mentor Ben Shomer. After applying these Universal laws, life may seem to be overly happy, but specific ways of approach that helps tame the energy should also be practised.

However, this book by Bela Upadhyay starts by saying,’ India has produced some of the world’s greatest religious leaders, sages, saints, philosophers, and spiritual thinkers. They were monks, nuns, and renunciates, nationalists, and reformers. No one religion had a monopoly on them. They range from Mahavira and Buddha, who lived over 2,500 years ago, to medieval saints like Chishti, Avvaiyar, and Guru Nanak, to more recent philosophers and religious icons such as Vivekananda Ramakrishna, Saint Teresa, and many others. The spiritual and philosophical heritage they left behind is India’s gift to all Indians and the world.’, which is very much true. In this connection, this book focuses on Nizamuddin Auliya (1238–1325), also known as Hazrat Nizamuddin, who is one of the most revered of the Sufi saints in the subcontinent and the founder of the Chishti Nizami order. Born in Badaun in great poverty, he chose to dedicate his life to the Sufi vision of love and peace and service to the poor.

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The book later gives a great discourse on his life, his teachings, and his mission to impart spiritual knowledge through humanity and spread harmony in the world. The shrine of Nizamuddin Auliya in Delhi is visited by thousands of pilgrims each year. It is said that the Shaikh continues to feed the people by means of the inspiration and blessings bestowed at the shrine, and the many gifts of money and food offered by its visitors quickly transformed into satisfying meals served from the langar that bears his name.

Rating: 4/5

[Reviewd by Swapna Peri]

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