Book Title: How to Kill a Billionaire

Author: Rajesh Talwar

Format: Kindle

My Thoughts:

Since 2020 and the aftermath effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, the rise of viewership on Tv and OTT platform, many movies and drama series that revolve around a crime against an individual or a family have been on an uprise. There has been a lot of audience towards courtroom drama; incidentally, as we are still facing the same situation, I got an opportunity to read this book, How to Kill a Billionaire by Rajesh Talwar.

This book is a brilliantly written court drama story that revolves around a young woman’s rape case where people from influential families are involved. The drama looks more interesting as the central character Ramesh, who is also an advocate, happens to the brother of the abused girl. Though the plot seems like a cliché vengeance drama, other novel elements in the story set the standards high.


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Overall a good book and recommended to all the readers who love such crime thriller.

What to expect from the story?

The story is a legal thriller book that deals with courtroom drama filled with suspense and mystery. The story also showcases the loose ends of how a case is taken up and the process right from complaining to receiving justice. The elements related to culture, society, ethics, and justice system

Who can read?

The book is basically a good treat to all the readers who like to read a mystery with crime and its punishment involved. Though there are no many places where there were surprises, the language used is fine, and young readers can also read the book.

How good are the characters?

All the characters, including the central and guest characters, are written with depth and strength. Every time a character is in action, the story gels perfectly with the attitude of the character. This is observed in Rajesh Talwar’s previous book too. The characters take forward the story, and in this book, each character does its job effectively.

How good are the narration and language?

An engaging and gripping narration is found in the story. However, the story seems predictable in some places. The language used in the story is quite accessible to everyone. The story also gives the readers an idea of how the legal system in the country works. The story is written in Ramesh’s narrative. Who is Ramesh, and what role does he play in the story is something that is to be read.

How entertaining is the book?

The story looks like a maze, and Ramesh is caught up in it and is the solo player to unveil the mystery. With this element, the story goes in many folds. Unfolding everything in layers as the story progresses is executed very well.

The book also deals with two sub-stories, and the perfect inter-twining makes the book interesting. The readers face the heat and the brother who avenges his sister’s unfortunate death between the unsaid and dark corners of the legal system. The author adeptly handled the sensitive issues of rape, and hazardous topics of corruption and many more attached.

With perfect narration and mystery elements, the book thus stands as an entertainer!

Final Verdict

Gripping thriller!



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