Book Review: ‘Looking For Alaska’ by John Green

Looking For Alaska by John Green Book Cover

Book Title: Looking for Alaska
Author: John Green
Publisher: HarperCollins
Number of Pages: 271
ISBN: 978-0007523528
Date Published: Feb. 1. 2013
Price: INR 245

Book Review

The novel “Looking for Alaska” authored by John Green narrates the journey of Miles Halter, an adolescent in search of his ‘Great Perhaps’, as he departs from his hometown in Florida and enrolls at Culver Creek Preparatory School in Alabama. There, he meets Alaska Young, a beautiful, enigmatic, and self-destructive girl who changes his life forever.

The novel is divided into two parts: “Before” and “After.” In the first part, Miles befriends Alaska and her group of friends, including the Colonel, Takumi, and Lara. They have fun together, drink and smoke, and break school rules. Miles falls in love with Alaska, but she has a boyfriend and is emotionally unstable. In the second part, the group faces a tragic event that changes their lives forever.

John Green is a master of creating characters that are both relatable and complex. Miles is a sympathetic and humorous protagonist who is searching for his identity. Alaska is a mysterious and flawed character who is both fascinating and frustrating. The supporting characters are also well-drawn, with their own quirks and struggles.

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The book deals with themes such as friendship, love, loss, guilt, and grief. It portrays the teenage experience with honesty and sensitivity. The writing style is engaging, with witty dialogue, vivid descriptions, and thought-provoking reflections. The structure of the novel, with its “Before” and “After” sections, creates a suspenseful and emotional narrative.

Overall, “Looking for Alaska” is a powerful and moving novel that explores the complexities of adolescence and the human condition. It is a must-read for fans of John Green and anyone who has ever felt lost or found in their journey of self-discovery.