Lotus In The Stone by Anuradha Goyal


Book Name: Lotus in the Stone – Sacred Journeys in Eternal India

Author: Anuradha Goyal

Format: Kindle

About The Book:


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This book by Anuradha Goyal, Lotus in the Stone – Sacred Journeys in Eternal India, is about India’s spiritual centres- temples, rituals, importance, relevance and influence they have on the people. This is also one of the good books that delve into the country’s rich culture and varied heritage.

About The Author:

Anuradha Goyal is a prominent blogger and is known for her excellent reviews. The Mouse Charmers is her debut book which has been received very well. She is a travel enthusiast, and her travel blogs are not to be missed.

Inside The Book:

Lotus in the stone is a well-articulated book. It is divided into chapters, where each chapter is unique and informative. The book thus gives a feeling of a well-researched travelogue along with a good amount of spiritual wisdom. The book is well written that talks about the favorite gods, the beliefs, spiritual system, the philosophies of Advaita, and much more history attached to it. Across the country, from every corner, each sacred place is intensely researched and presented with ample information.

The book also gives the readers many stories picked up from the Puranas or the ancient sacred texts. The thought of explaining the Upanishads involving every generation is one of the interesting aspects. The book talks about places, cities, rivers, temples, building descriptions, geographies, festivals, rituals, histories attached to every place. The book also explains how and why the devotees feel attached to the rhythms, bhajans, gods incarnated into the stones, and the omnipresence belief.

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About Author’s Writing:

Author Anuradha Goyal has chosen the simple English language with general vocabulary to let the readers sync themselves more with the underlying emotion of the book’s intent. The inclusion of her travel and spiritual experiences added more flavor to the book.

She has also focused on not so commonly known facts about the places. It is a general trait that tourists are guided in a format from which the explorer or a traveler differs. Anuradha Goyal, though, gave a travelogue with the scent of spirituality; the traveler in her provides the readers with more interesting facts less known to common people or the regular tourists. This book can also be used as a ready reference and guide when anyone plans to the listed places.

My Review:

The book is divided into eleven chapters. Each chapter is based on the author’s visits to various spiritual and divine places. For example, chapter one gives the readers a detailed experience of her visit to various temples, the perspective and indigenous concept of Kumbh Mela, etc. The explanation of her experience with Ayodhya is interesting. Likewise, many places, including Kerala, Goa, and Kashi, all have different yet interesting stories. The intrinsic details while explaining stand out. Though the book is a work of non-fiction, the writing entertains the readers to a greater extent.

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[Reviewd by Swapna Peri]

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