Book Review: ‘Mad Sisters of Esi’ by Tashan Mehta

Enchanting tales blending magic with reality

Book Title: Mad Sisters of Esi
Author: Tashan Mehta
Publisher: HarperCollins
Number of Pages: 424
ISBN: 978-9356994188
Date Published: Sept. 29, 2023
Price: INR 389

Mad Sisters of Esi by Tashan Mehta Book Cover

Book Review

Readers enjoy fantasy stories and novels with magical realism because of their ability to smoothly merge parts of the supernatural with the mundane, resulting in narratives that seem both alluring and based on reality. “Mad Sisters of Esi” stands out among fantasy novels due to its complex plot, thorough development of a fanciful universe, inclusion of legendary motifs, and profound philosophical foundations. Its fascination stems from its intricate plot, which takes readers on a trip that defies traditional storytelling conventions.

Tashan Mehta’s “Mad Sisters of Esi” tells a captivating story that combines aspects of fiction, mythology, and exploration into a beautiful tapestry of adventure. The plot focuses on Myung and Laleh, two sisters entrusted with caring for the mysterious “whale of Babel.” As they explore its celestial halls, Myung embarks on a journey of discovery that tests her idea of existence and forces her to confront the notion of a vast universe beyond their own.

Mehta’s work demonstrates her talent for narrative, with each line written with beauty and clarity. Through colorful descriptions and complex character development, she transports readers to a world full of wonder and mystery. The bond between Myung and Laleh acts as the narrative’s anchor, with Myung’s departure ushering in her position as the intrepid explorer, evocative of several renowned historical adventurers.

As Myung dives further into the mysteries of the Whale of Babel and the cosmos at large, she discovers primal stories and meets a wide array of people, including god machines and chameleon-like islands. Mehta expertly combines science fiction and fantasy aspects, drawing influence from literary masters such as Jorge Luis Borges and Italo Calvino. The novel’s fragmented form, along with its use of scientific terminology, adds layers of complexity and depth to the story, encouraging readers to consider issues of infinite and linguistic variety.

Tashan Mehta’s development of a cosmos complete with shapeshifting islands and ancient maps demonstrates her extraordinary creativity and world-building abilities. This distinct setting adds layers of intricacy to the story and forces readers to reconsider their notions of reality as they journey into undiscovered areas of mystery and wonder.

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Mad Sisters of Esi” goes beyond the boundaries of standard fantasy literature, providing a thought-provoking examination of the relationship between myth, language, and perception. While the work defies easy categorization, its charm is its capacity to fascinate and challenge readers from start to finish.

Finally, “Mad Sisters of Esi” is more than simply a story; it’s an exciting voyage that will leave an indelible effect on those who dare to go on it.

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