Book Review: ‘Maker of Modern Goa’ by Vijayadevi Rane

Exploring the Legacy: Pratapsingh Rane and the Evolution of Modern Goa

Book Title: Maker of Modern Goa: The Untold Story of Pratapsingh Rane
Author: Vijayadevi Rane
Publisher: Rupa Publications India
Number of Pages: 264
ISBN: 978-9357026314
Date Published: Jan. 29, 2024
Price: INR 448

Maker of Modern Goa by Vijayadevi Rane Book Cover

Book Review

Maker of Modern Goa: The Untold Story of Pratapsingh Rane” takes readers on an in-depth tour through the life and legacy of Pratapsingh Rane, Goa’s first and longest-serving Chief Minister. This biography, written by Vijayadevi Rane, details Rane’s significant achievements in defining Goa’s political scene, ensuring stability, and promoting growth during his reign. The book provides a clear examination of Rane’s crucial role during the transformational period of 1980–1990, popularly referred to as Goa’s Golden Age, when he pushed various infrastructural projects and programmes that laid the groundwork for the state’s prosperity.

The book digs into Rane’s unprecedented track record of 11 consecutive election victories over five decades, demonstrating his unrelenting dedication to public service and administration. It reveals his imaginative leadership style and long-term influence on modernizing Goa’s infrastructure, education system, and cultural institutions. Rane’s emphasis on planned development, the foundation of Goa University, and the promotion of tourism established Goa as a model state and booming tourist destination, leaving a legacy that continues to determine the state’s destiny.

Through an examination of Rane’s transition from business CEO to political heavyweight, the book provides insightful information about his idealism, morality, and commitment to improving the lot of the Goan people. In the current period of political instability and short-termism, Rane’s moral approach to politics, marked by an emphasis on development and change, serves as a light. Anecdotes and first-hand testimonies are used in the biography to create a vivid picture of Rane’s character. He is portrayed as a leader who is well respected by both constituents and colleagues for his honesty and humility.

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The book “Maker of Modern Goa” honors Rane’s significant accomplishments while highlighting the governance model’s ongoing applicability to the problems that modern-day Goa faces. Rane’s legacy provides guidance and important lessons on successful leadership and governance, particularly at a time when the state is struggling with challenges of young unemployment, environmental protection, and development. Essentially, this book tells the gripping story of a visionary leader who left a lasting legacy that continues to influence Goa’s socioeconomic landscape and encourages the next generation to pursue greatness and public service.

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