Book Review Mauri by Saiswaroopa Iyer

Book Title: Mauri: The Woman Who Challenged Krishna

Author: Saiswaroopa Iyer

Format: Paperback

Published By: Bloomsbury India

ISBN & Edition: 9354351417 & 1st

Genre: Mythological Fiction

No.of pages: 226

Rating: 3/5

Mauri: The Woman Who Challenged Krishna Book Cover
Mauri: The Woman Who Challenged Krishna

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My Thoughts

As said, Indian mythology is an ocean. Many stories are hidden in it. Especially when it comes to epics like Mahabharatha, only a few characters and backstories are known. Also, no stories about the people involved in the Kurukshetra war other than the kings and important characters are known! Author Saiswaroopa has taken a stand on the people lesser-known but was instrumental.

When a mythological story is added with realistic characters, the story becomes a treat for a reader. This book from author Saiswaroopa Iyer focuses on Mauri, daughter of Mura. As always, Saiswaroopa has done a great job!

What to Expect

  • Expect a story of a women character who vowed to kill her father’s killer.
  • Expect a story of a courageous woman whose goal stands over her emotions.
  • Expect a story that transports the readers to the age of Krishna, the God!

Who Can Read

Hindu Mythology is an enigma. The more you explore, the more mysterious it becomes. Many characters and stories are lesser-known. Picking up such characters and weaving interesting stories is a good work under mythological fiction. From these stories, elements like virtues, values, lifestyle, and sustaining capacities can be understood. Thus, this book, like her previous books, is for everyone.

Author Saiswaroopa’s constant interest in making her readers get introduced to unsaid stories and unknown characters from the epics like Mahabharatha is appreciated.

How is the Narration

Picking up a character from an epic and presenting it with layers of emotion and struggle to this generation of readers convincingly is a great task. From her first book, author Saiswaroopa Iyer has been close to her readers with her exciting narrations and impressive story-telling techniques. This book is a good read with fluent, crisp, and engaging narration!

About the Characters

The characters are very good by themselves, with good scope and space in the story. The plot keeps introducing new characters and manages not to overshadow the existing characters. Mauri emerges as a powerful female character who is fit to fight against the odds. Overall, the author has created a story with strong and important characters.

Writing Style

The author’s writing style is such that it weaves elements of women’s power around a mythological character in a seamless fashion. Mauri offers her readers a more vast fabric of tale in terms of plot than a usual character-centric book does. This is one of the best works of author Saiswaroopa Iyer. Not to forget, this is the sequel of Abhaya. Of course, the book re-introduces some known characters, old relationships, and battles.

Grammar & Vocabulary

Simple language with sufficient grammar and vocabulary is found in the book.

What did I like

1. The plot

2. The narration

3. Ghatotkacha’s character

What could have been better

The book is in good shape in terms of story and narration. No drawbacks are seen.

Entertainment Quotient

Mauri by Saiswaroopa Iyer is a captivating and interesting story of Mauri, the daughter of Mura. With a nice and exciting plot, it is a definite entertainer.

Pick it if

  • You like reading mythological fiction.
  • You like female-centric stories.

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