Book Review: Mayabharata by Meghnad Desai


Book Title: Mayabharata: The Untold Story Behind the Death of Lord Krishna    
Meghnad Desai
Published By:
Rupa Publication
No. of pages: 159

Book Review

The epic – Mahabharatha is a mystical book with stories that have numerous human emotions and values attached. How much ever the book is read, the more questions and doubts arise, Be it about the characters or the events. It is always intriguing how the mighty warrior kings died, be it the Kauravas or some from the Pandavas (Abhimanyu, for example, though the plot to kill him, is explained).

It is also to be noted that a protagonist is powerless without an antagonist. So when the Kurukshetra war finished and all the Kauravas were killed, the land was just huge piles of dead bodies and bones. The conversation between Gandhari and Sri Krishna questions the same.

Mayabharata by Meghnad Desai
Mayabharata by Meghnad Desai

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The next part of the story, after Gandhari’s curse and Krishna moving to Dwaraka and his death after a while, is all a puzzling story. While many myths exist about his death, only certain deeply analyzed researched reports give closure to this puzzle.

This book, Mayabharata by Meghnad Desai discusses his quest to know about the unsolved secrets behind Sri Krishna, his death, the aftermath of the Kurukshetra War, and such interesting topics. The language in the book is simple and comprehendible. With an engaging narration, this book of 150-plus pages holds lots of infotainment. The book is divided into 28 small chapters, and each chapter is exciting.

Maya’s description and role are deeply explained. One of the chapter’s titles – Quetl 1 was difficult to comprehend, and no explanation was found. Apart from such minor issues, the book is a good read. The most interesting part is the Introduction, which discusses the author’s journey from a family dinner to the closure of Sri Krishna’s death. This is not entirely a fiction or a non-fiction book, but it may be considered realistic!

Pick it if

  • You like reading about mythological characters and their lives.
  • You wish to know more about the evolution of stories across lands and ages.

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