Book Review: Meanwhile: Poems by Prerna Gill

Book Title: Meanwhile: Poems
Author: Prerna Gill
Publisher: HarperCollins India

Book Review
Prerna Gill’s book Meanwhile is a collection of heart-touching, soothing, and soulful poems. The emotions, life experiences, and feelings are very well woven into beautiful words that you need to savor as you keep reading the poems.

Meanwhile Poems by Prerna Gill Book Cover

One poem takes you into a dark tunnel; the other one will give you an enlightening experience. I have read many poems and have written some too, but these poems are simply invincible.

Emotions-wise, growing up in an affluent family with all the benefits and an edge over many others in society, Prerna Gill makes a perfect balance between her upbringing and her familial roots.

Through honesty, she has shown the mirror of life through her poems and everyone can relate to them through the lens of impeccable words.

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Though I liked all the poems, the ones that touched me deeply include – Bhramari, Unmasked, Autopsy, Crocodiles, Familiar Waters, and Beji.

Overall, the poems create a lyrical, surreal, and somewhat magical vicinity around you that you would not want to get out of!

If you love poetry and can relate to it, Meanwhile: Poems by Prerna Gill is surely a pick you won’t regret!

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