#METU by HCV Kumar

Interesting, Intriguing, and must-read book!


Book Title: #METU

Author: HCV Kumar

Format: Paperback

About the book:

#METU by HCV Kumar is a gripping and exciting book with a linear pace and no lag in the story. The Author has mixed #metoomovement and investigative journalism in the proper proportions. This is the story of a young woman from her teen years until a journalist.


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My Thoughts:

I liked the book because of its positive outlook towards women fighting against the system. Metu’s powerful personality is a game-changer. There are times where I felt sad and happy for her. There are also places in the story where I cheered her for success. Metu is an inspiring woman, and her journey as a journalist, which was not an easy ride, is inspiring. Her brave personality is very attractive. There are people like Metu, but most of them are masked. We need many more Metus to motivate fellow women and make them ready to face any sort of problems in every stage of life. This is a must-read and highly recommended for all women.

Who can read?

This book is not just a work of fiction but a novel that reflects society now. Every woman has a story that she cannot tell because of the fear of society and family. But, some voices come up against every odds and fight for justice. This book by HCV Kumar is one of such books that shows the female protagonist as a fighter for the pressures she is being succumbed to. Her fight against her boss is a great piece of writing by the Author. This book is a must-read for every woman.

How good are the characters?

Metu or Meena Tulasi’s character represents the whole female gender, who are often taunted with gender-based issues. Irrespective of the age and place, these problems are common, and Metu fights for her existence as the character is addressed. The fight is shown elegantly. She is also an inspiration for many. Her audacity at needed times is shown well. Apart from her, many other characters have sufficient space, power and scope to drive the story forward.

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How good is the narration?

This is the most important point to be highlighted in the book. The book is in third person narrative, and every character talks when it’s voice is to be heard, right from a female child subjected to parents’ over caring, plucking her wings to fly and learnt the outside world, giving a deaf ear to her decisions, creating a pessimistic atmosphere because of her gender, restraining her fro facing difficulties in life, not letting her dreams to be chased because the society doesn’t accept and many such taboos are very well illustrated. The power politics in the workplace and the aggression of some notorious and rogue senior executives exploiting the female employees are explained coherently.

How good are the language and grammar?

Simple language with sufficient vocabulary is used in the book. The language is universal, and readers of any age who is aware of the rampant issue of sexual harassment or the recent issue of the #metoo movement can read this book.

How good is the Author’s writing style?

Author HCV Kumar has chosen the simple English language with a good vocabulary. This helped the story to sync into the mind more effectively. The emotions and the intent are written honestly, and the intensity of an issue that is faced worldwide mostly by women is described well. Be it school or workplace or home, a woman, when subjected to physical harassment; the issue becomes sensitive. This is dealt with great sensibility.

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How entertaining is the book?

The book is a perfect entertainer in terms of narration, characters, plot-line, story and flow. The book very meticulously shows the progress of a girl child’s mental balance from a teenager to a responsible journalist. Here, a woman’s consent and decision capacity are focused entirely.

Final Verdict

Interesting, Intriguing and must-read book!



[Reviewd by Swapna Peri]

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