Mirror Mirror by Andaleeb Wajid

A perfect YA book that fits well in today's world!


Book Title: Mirror Mirror

Author: Andaleeb Wajid

Format: Kindle

My Thoughts:
Mirror Mirror by Andaleeb Wajid takes with Ananya, a teenager from the moment she becomes 17. Her day starts with smiles and greetings, but insecurities keep crawling in her mind.

When her friend Nisha announces her dating relationship,  the fear of losing Nisha engulfs Ananya. That same day at the dinner table, when her mother informs her pregnancy, Ananya’s questions and doubts about her mom getting pregnant at the age of 43 nearly kills her mind.

Teenage is as sweet as tough to tackle. Everyone in the world has experienced that stage. As said, everyone has experienced ups and downs too in those days.

But, somehow, a visible and damaging culture of verbal abuse and criticism is making its wave in today’s world. When it comes to social media primarily, these exist in large quantities. Also, in some ways, this trend, when reflected in the real world and people, will have adverse effects.

Also, when she comes to know that her Aunt V and her son Raghu will be coming to their home and aunt will be taking care of her mother. Ananya’s thoughts and her insecurities well up.


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Her anxiety and body shaming incidents keep haunting her when she wants to show her best to Raghu. Once a best friend, but a void between them that is existing pokes her mind. All this, with sensible writing, made the book a delightful read.

What to expect from the story?
Expect a YA story that focuses on the mantra – accept yourself however you are! This affirmation is the backbone of the plot.

Who can read?
This book, Mirror Mirror by Andaleeb Wajid is a definite read for all the youngsters. In this generation where social media usage is rampant, virtual relationships and friendships are mostly given importance, and this book is a good one. to read.

Also, parents and elders who have teenagers and young adults in their homes and lives can read and understand the pov of everything from a youngster’s side.

How good are the characters?
This story is all about its characters. If talked about Ananya, the central character and the person through which every reader can witness the harsh realities and cruel incidents, the character empathizes and inspires.

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The other important characters that are a part of Ananya’s life are well described. The characters Raghu, Nisha, Aunt V are also interestingly crafted. The companionship between Ananya and Raghu and the later shape-lift of the characters is well explained.

How good is the narration?
From the very starting point where the story starts, it progresses towards Ananya’s journey against many odds. The tone in which the author describes every scene is lovely. The pain she experiences and endures as described will surely bring back those memories one faced or heard.

There are many instances in the book where a reader will instantly personify, and thus an emotional connection with the story establishes. This is one of the most important things from a reader’s perspective, and the author succeeded.

How good are the language and grammar?
The language is spotless. One flows through the book swiftly, and there is hardly a place where the story loses its charm. The elegant and simple language used in explaining the most ignored and taboo topics is simply superb.

It is as easy as drinking water. This kind of writing often inscribes positivity inside the minds and thus enables a person to talk about the most un-discussed topics.

How good is the author’s writing style?
This is my second book by the author Andaleeb; what fascinates me is the self-affirmation message she gives in her stories. Through the characters and the incidents that reflect the present society, author Andaleeb captures the reader’s attention with her writing skills. The simple, crisp, and relatable writing augment the storyline.

How entertaining is the book?
Like in her previous book, author Andaleeb has done a great job making her readers glued to the story.  With topics like fat and body Shaming, eating disorders, mental health issues, anxiety issues, etc., this book Mirror Mirror by Andaleeb Wajid addresses the above mentioned in an elegant yet constructive manner.

With the story set up in the metro city of Bengaluru,  this book focused chiefly on the issues faced by today’s youngsters is entertaining with every element that will please a reader who loves YA fiction.

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Final Verdict
A perfect YA book that fits well in today’s world!


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