Book Review: ‘More than a Mama’ by Chhavi Mittal

Triumphs and Truths of Motherhood


Book Title: More than a Mama: A Memoir on Motherhood
Author: Chhavi Mittal
Publisher: Rupa Publications India
Number of Pages: 184
ISBN: 978-9357025287
Date Published: Sept. 15, 2023
Price: INR 248

More than a Mamaby Chhavi Mittal Book Cover

Book Review

In light of Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, actor Chhavi Mittal reflects on how her perspective on this crucial cause has transformed since her triumphant battle against breast cancer. Once uninformed about breast cancer and its awareness campaign, Mittal candidly admits that her diagnosis earlier this year served as a wake-up call. Now, she is resolute in her mission to catalyze meaningful dialogues surrounding breast cancer during this awareness month.

In “More than a Mama,” Chhavi Mittal invites readers into her deeply personal and transformative journey through the realms of motherhood, with her battle against breast cancer standing as a formidable testament to the resilience of the human spirit. This memoir is a heartwarming and unfiltered exploration of motherhood’s life-altering wonders.

Chhavi Mittal, a prominent film and television actor who skyrocketed to fame through her YouTube channel, “Shitty Ideas Trending,” and Facebook content creation in India, is not merely a survivor but a self-made entrepreneur, certified Steiner educator, and an inspiring personality. Mittal generously shares her story in “More than a Mama,” encapsulating her ascent to fame and her ongoing mission to empower others.

Divided into eight chapters with three illuminating segments—pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond—Mittal offers a candid portrayal of her experiences, trials, triumphs, and invaluable insights, all shared with a touch of honesty and humor. Her candid dismantling of prevalent myths and misconceptions around pregnancy and motherhood is particularly commendable. These include debunking beliefs about eating for two, ideal age gaps between siblings, the impact of breastfeeding on body shape, and more.

Beyond mere information, “More than a Mama” is inspiring. Chhavi Mittal’s accounts of overcoming postpartum depression, a formidable battle with breast cancer, body shaming, and career setbacks are awe-inspiring examples of courage and determination. The book beautifully exemplifies how she harmoniously balanced the multifaceted roles of a mother, spouse, entrepreneur, educator, and fitness enthusiast.

Mittal emphasizes the importance of self-care, mental health, nutrition, and exercise for mothers. She generously shares a trove of resources, from recipes to workouts, books, and websites, which were pillars of strength throughout her journey.

The conversational and engaging tone of the book welcomes readers as if they’re confiding in a dear friend. Chhavi’s voice is warm, witty, and profoundly relatable. Her willingness to bare her vulnerabilities and share her mistakes only underscores her authenticity. Through her writing, she showcases her accomplishments and joys, encouraging mothers everywhere to embrace their individuality beyond the encompassing identity of motherhood. Acknowledging the vital support of her husband, family, and friends, Chhavi Mittal masterfully conveys the strength of a solid support network.

More than a Mama” is essential reading for anyone on the path to parenthood or those already immersed in the journey of motherhood. This book exalts the beauty and power of motherhood while unflinchingly acknowledging its challenges and realities. Ultimately, it is a powerful tool to empower mothers to be more than just a mama.

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Mittal’s life unexpectedly turned in April when she received an early-stage breast cancer diagnosis. Swiftly, she underwent surgery to combat the condition. Since that pivotal moment, the actor has turned her social media into a platform for sharing her journey to recovery, chronicling the highs and lows with unwavering honesty.

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