Book Review: ‘My Illegitimate Son’ by Sanjay Jha


Book Title: My Illegitimate Son
Author: Sanjay Jha
Publisher: Rupa Publications India
Number of Pages: 200
ISBN: 978-9357020947
Date Published: May 05, 2023
Price: INR 382

My Illegitimate Son by Sanjay Jha Book Cover

Book Review

In the compelling book “My Illegitimate Son,” the author dives into the difficulties of love, respect, and vulnerability. Despite its deceptive title, the 200-page book develops as a moving examination of an unusual relationship between a father and his kid who is not biologically his. The book has 16 thought-provoking chapters, and the first one, “Chapter Zero,” hooks readers in with an interesting turn

With his real and emotive storytelling, author Sanjay Jha expertly engages us in his journey while evoking emotions ranging from joy to sadness. He urges readers to reflect on their preconceived notions of family, morality, and acceptance by revealing his flaws in a reflective and open-minded manner via his story. Not to forget Bhavya’s illustrations, which powerfully and significantly affect the telling of the narrative. Honestly, I only knew Jha as a politician who rose to prominence for his involvement in contentious televised discussions where he bravely voiced his beliefs in the face of scorn and constant criticism. However, it is surprising to realize how talented a storyteller he is after reading this book. I’ve never read his earlier work, but I’d like to now.

The author’s ability to create real, complex people makes this biography strong. The main character’s son of the main character is given a complex portrayal as he struggles with issues of identification and the yearning for belonging that we all share. The development of the father-son bond permanently changes the reader’s heart. The tale is also made richer by the supporting cast of friends, relatives, and well-wishers, who capture the intricacies of interpersonal relationships.

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Intimate moments of a father-son interaction are transported to the busy streets of Mumbai by Sanjay Jha’s brilliant descriptions. Suspense and reflection are easily incorporated into the well-balanced tempo to keep readers interested. The author’s trip is the primary subject of the novel, but it also touches on more general issues, including societal perceptions and the difficulties people who defy accepted conventions encounter.

The author urges readers to face their prejudices and re-examine their ideas through his gripping narrative. “My Illegitimate Son” is a powerful and easy book that deftly captures the subtleties of human emotions. It is a must-read for anybody looking for a stimulating examination of unusual ties and the power of vulnerability.