Book Review: ‘My Subconsciously Feminist Father’ by Yashika Singla

Honest and much needed!


My Subconsciously Feminist Father by Yashika Singla Book Cover
My Subconsciously Feminist Father by Yashika Singla Book Cover

Book Title: My Subconsciously Feminist Father
Author: Yashika Singla
Publisher: Aleph Book Company
Number of Pages: 174
ISBN: 978-9393852229
Date Published: Feb. 05, 2023
Price: INR 231

Book Review

Feminism is a social and political movement that promotes gender equity and women’s empowerment. It has played an essential part in shaping the contemporary world and remains a vital force today. One of feminism’s main objectives is to challenge and demolish the patriarchy, which gives males more power and privileges than women.

Feminists strive to establish a world where women have the same rights, chances, and liberties as men and where gender does not restrict or define a person’s potential. Men gain from feminism as well. Feminism produces a more equitable community for all genders by challenging conventional gender norms and expectations. It urges men to refuse toxic masculinity in favor of healthier masculinities that value regard, sensitivity, and kindness.

My Subconsciously Feminist Father” by Yashika Singla is an autobiographical narrative that walks readers through events that molded the author’s viewpoint on feminism and being a feminist. What is fascinating in the story is how progressive one’s family has been.

Her idea to read this book probably was not to tell a mere story but to comprehend how even the most minor things can significantly affect one’s perception. As the story starts, the readers travel with the author on her experience on perspective on feminism.

The book has ten chapters, and each chapter beckons the usual mindsets that appear before every individual, precisely female individuals, regarding their skin color, physical attributes, and many such things that become easy prey for a vulture named patriarchy! Written in a comfortable language, this 173-page book is a soother, and its attempt to emphasize that feminism doesn’t have to look a certain way is brilliant.

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The concept of feminism or being a feminist can appear when men are decent colleagues, considerate partners, and good fathers; it can occur when women exercise choice fearlessly but respectfully, a phrase Singla herself uses.

The book had the potential to be a clear but revolutionary warning, a manifesto for all households. A thought-provoking, sweet, yet much-needed book!

The Review was first published in Storizen Magazine March 2023 issue.