New Delhi Square


Book Title: New Delhi Square
Author: Jitendra Anand

My Thoughts:
Reading a thriller and suspenseful story with drama has always been a cup of my tea. But due to the lockdown period unable to imagine while reading, my interest in non-fiction has increased. I must have read some 10 nonfiction books till the moment I received Jitendra Anand’s wonderful mystery thriller, ‘New Delhi Square‘.

I use the word wonderful because as a fan of Indian authors’ works, I very much get connected to the names and places that the authors use. In this book, we travel with Vimal  Mittal and his wife Varsha into the world of surprise, suspense, and twists.

The story of New Delhi Square has all the shades of being a thriller movie. I say this because we see Vimal and Varsha, their love and married life, their social life, Vimal’s professional life, vengeance, crime, betrayal, and patriotism.

Author Jitendra has very finely combined all such humane emotions. Personally, I loved the climax, because it is so realistic. I don’t want a story spoiler and hence I hide what the climax is!

What to expect from the story?
This story has the main center point as ‘mystery’ to its core. But it has more to offer than a normal drama and mystery. The book narrates a powerful story in simple language and is filled with intense action, strong characters, highly unexpected twists, and underwhelming suspense.

All in all, expect a book with a great writing style from the author. Though the author has penned many other books, this is the first one that I read.

Who can read?
The story is one of the finest ones in the recent past. Not on a single page do the readers find words that do not qualify the literary standards? Nowhere in the story readers find any dialogue or word that attributes to gender bias, body shaming, anti-religious, anti-human, or anything that makes readers uncomfortable.

Though are acts of violence, it is very minimal compared to many other books or this generation movies\video games. Thus, this book can be read by readers of age 14.

What is the storyline?

The story is about Vimal Mittal, who is an engineering graduate from MBM, Jodhpur lives in Mumbai with his wife Varsha and two children are given an opportunity to work with an unknown NDS or The New Delhi Square, at Connaught Place, Delhi.


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The company never hired resources from open sources. The process is always been a secret and is very less known to the outside world. Anything about the company, who works, where do they live, what do they work on etc., has always been concealed from the outside world. Such a company after vigorous research on Vimal’s resume and achievements offers a job with NDS.

A perplexed Vimal visits Delhi and meets the Kaushal Kumar aka KK and Brijesh Mathur. They exchange their views with Vimal and also disclose on what basis was Vimal selected for being a part of NDS. This all took place in an important building called Harsh Towers. Later, Vimal returns back to Mumbai and shared this news with his wife and Boss.

Later, Brijesh who interviewed Vimal sends an invitation for a party to attend that has esteemed guests. His family is given great accommodation and Varsha insists on making it to the party. Vimal meets many important people in the social circle of politicians, businessmen, and other elite people. After coming back from the party and thorough thinking he decides to join NDS.

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Vimal’s boss Prashanth Mathur, insists he accepts the job offer when reluctant, also says that Vimal is always welcome to join back MyTas. Vimal finally sends his acceptance to Brijech. He in turn asks Bagga, the HR to look after the formalities and amenities.

Alok Khanna, The Security wing head works on the credentials to be created for Vimal to access the systems. All happen one by one. This is where I really liked the author’s narration. It was more like watching a nice Gen X movie with lots of action.

A new life that is very different from Mumbai’s lifestyle starts with Vimal and his wife. Vimal smoothly gets adapted into the new company and the system. On the other hand, Varsha starts enjoying a rich life.

But somewhere deep down in the minds of the couple, doubt still exists about the company and its operations.  As the month’s pass, Vimal starts to travel all around the world and hardly gets time to spend with his family. Once when he is working, Varsha is approached by an unknown woman in a flash at a book store and warns her about Vimal and his job at NDS.  

Varsha comes skeptical. She discusses the same with Vimal that evening. Little they knew that they are monitored through microphones in the house, their voices are overheard in the office. Varsha handovers Vial a visiting card and Vimal gets confused why did such a woman try to warn them.

At the office, Alok and Hemant understand that it is Ankita, the intelligence officer from the Revenue Wing. They take it to the officials and plan to wipe her off.

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Since then, a doubt arises in both Varsha’s and Vimal’s minds. When Varsha seems to be quite furious, Vimal assures her that they will be alright and fight whatever might come. Here, the author has shown the beautiful relation of a Vimal and Varsha, the meaning of life partners, and as the head of the family his responsibility. From that day, the readers get to see a new, confident, and brave Varsha.

My take on the characters
There are many characters in the story of New Delhi Square. Explaining about them will definitely ruin the beauty of the story but the two most important characters are Madamji and Avdhut Baba. Every character has its own tone and tenure in the story.

How good is the Author’s writing style

Author Jitendra Anand has great narrating skills with simple language. There was not a single moment where I had to check the dictionary. Saying this I assure you the quality of the language used is perfect. Anyone with good command of the colloquial English language can read the book seamlessly.

At the end

A business that is run for political gains through many ifs and buts and that is run by an unknown force. Who is that? What exactly is the business that NDS does? Is there any criminal mindset involved? Who is Sarfaraz and what is his stance here at NDS? Why was Vimal appointed? Is Vimal a victim of the secret mission or does he solve the puzzle?

How entertaining is the book?

In simple words, don’t even take a chance to miss this wonderful story. It is a racy story with lots of action, drama, unveiled truths, and unexpected twists.

Final Verdict
A definite and recommended read



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