Book Review: ‘Nightbloom’ by Peace Adzo Medie

A Tale of Friendship, Secrets, and the Struggle Against Societal Constraints

Book Title: Nightbloom
Author: Peace Adzo Medie
Publisher: Oneworld Publications
Number of Pages: 352
ISBN: 978-0861548125
Date Published: Apr. 25, 2024
Price: INR 338

Nightbloom by Peace Adzo Medie Book Cover

Book Review

Nightbloom” by Peace Adzo Medie is a compelling exploration of societal complexities, deeply rooted in contemporary issues. Through the dual perspectives of Akorfa and Selasi, the book delves into themes such as friendship, racism, and classism, painting a vivid picture of the challenges faced by two young women on their diverging paths.

As young girls in Ghana, Selasi and Akorfa were more than just cousins; they were inseparable. Selasi’s lively and humorous nature perfectly complemented Akorfa’s quiet and studious demeanor. They shared everything, from secrets and dreams to private jokes, constantly begging their parents to let them stay together. Their bond seemed unbreakable.

However, as time passed, Selasi began to change. She grew hostile and withdrawn, her grades declined, and she created a barrier around herself, shutting Akorfa out. The once inseparable cousins started drifting apart. Meanwhile, Akorfa was accepted into an American university with ambitions of becoming a doctor. Despite her hopes of building a fuller life in America, she soon faced the harsh realities of racism that complicated her journey and tested her resilience. The contrasting experiences of the two cousins highlight the different challenges they face in their respective environments.

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A crisis eventually brings the cousins back together, leading to the revelation of Selasi’s secret and forcing Akorfa to confront her role in their estrangement. This pivotal moment in the story is not just a turning point for the characters but also a profound commentary on the complexities of personal and societal relationships.

Nightbloom” is a captivating novel with a dual narrative structure that offers a comprehensive understanding of the characters’ inner worlds and external pressures. The emotional depth and complexity of the characters make it a thought-provoking and deeply moving read. Despite its slower pace, the thematic focus and character development make it a worthwhile read for those seeking a contemplative and enriching journey.

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