Book Review: ‘One’ by Mansoor Khan


Book Title: One: The Story of the Ultimate Myth
Author: Mansoor Khan
Publisher: HarperCollins India
Number of Pages: 152
ISBN: 978-9356990579
Date Published: Aug. 07, 2023
Price: INR 407

One by Mansoor Khan Book Cover

Book Review

One: The Story of the Ultimate Myth” by Mansoor Khan, a renowned filmmaker, highlights the environmental crisis and the need for evolution. Despite famous authors overlooking the issue, Khan’s narrative aims to raise awareness and emphasize the urgency of addressing these pressing issues. Currently a farmer in Coonoor, Khan’s previous book, “The Third Curve,” tackles global economic myths and trends. His narrative aims to evoke a consciousness and highlight the urgent need for a more sustainable future.

Set in a future where the line between order and chaos has faded, the story follows Sonal and Abhay. Sonal, a former sociology professor and environmental activist, battles acute depression and memory loss. In contrast, Abhay, a once-celebrated plant pathologist, grapples with paranoia and is pursued by a powerful establishment due to his challenges to prevailing scientific paradigms. Their paths converge in a park, their unique perspectives forming a bond transcending conventional understanding.

The author presents Sonal and Abhay as initially delusional protagonists, gradually unveiling their personalities for authenticity and relatability. Drawing inspiration from depleted natural resources and human-induced environmental degradation, the story contemplates disrupting the natural balance, affecting present and future generations. Amidst Sonal and Abhay’s intertwined experiences, the story illuminates a world where chaos and order blur.

One: The Story of the Ultimate Myth” presents a story within a story intricately layered with various elements of our environment. It revolves around the lives of Sonal and Abhay, individuals whose minds are tuned to the complexity of the web of life and the rejuvenating power of Earth’s cycles. This power has the potential to heal itself. The narrative also highlights the loss of traditional practices, celebrating those who once lived harmoniously with nature. Also, the building and its tenants are realistic and sometimes irritating. This makes the story so real.

Sonal is a passionate activist who refuses to tolerate injustices. Despite memory loss, her current life at home with her brother and mother is warm and emotional. When she understands Dr. Abhay’s ideas, a realization emerges, eliciting empathy from readers. Sonal’s involvement in the Param Nadi Bachao Andolan reminded me of the Narmada Bachao Andolan led by Medha Patkar. Abhay embodies noble and educated individuals who face suppression when addressing ecological and biological concerns. The connection to Rishi Rice reminds us of Golden Rice, a key element in the Telugu film “One.” This serendipitous link is remarkable.

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One: The Story of the Ultimate Myth” takes a unique approach to storytelling that seamlessly connects the different elements of our environment: a book within a book, a story within a story. This intricate hierarchy keeps readers captivated and enlightened by the unfolding story. Mansoor Khan’s narrating fashion is unmistakable, drawing readers in through recognizable characters and stories. Despite this recognition, the narrative’s effect is significant, striking at the heart of the emergency and welcoming readers to address their discernments, information, and the well-being of the Soil we call home.

One” is not just a story of two people but a self-help book, environmental guide, life coach, and informative book. The hand-written style chapters are so enduring to read; hence, this book is unique and must-read!

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