Book Review: Operation Pakistan Terror Strike by Dwayne Pimenta


Book Title: Operation Pakistan Terror Strike

Author: Dwayne Pimenta

Format: Paperback

Published by: Book Street Publications

No. of pages: 254

Book Review

Coincidences are often surprising. But today, it is more than a surprise. I watched the recently released movie based on Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan’sUnnikrishnan’s story. He was the 26/11 NSG martyr. And though I read this book last week, I quickly revisited the story to pen my review. In this process, the emotions running in my mind by correlating the book and the movie are unexplainable.

Operation Pakistan Terror Strike by Dwayne Pimenta
Operation Pakistan Terror Strike by Dwayne Pimenta Book Cover

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The recent discussion and denial of the Agniveer policy also added spirit. Everything was about the Indian Army, and thus, I could focus on the review.

Talking about the book, I had a great time reading it. Everything was set up and crafted wonderfully, from the acknowledgments to the epilogue.  

The Blurb

The blurb of the book Pakistan’s ISI plans to unleash the most devastating terrorist plot against India. Cross-border terror attacks continue unabated. The Indian Prime Minister decides to take decisive affirmative action. Black Smoke, India’sIndia’s super-secret black-ops team, is tasked with covertly destroying Pakistan’sPakistan’s very sources of terror. It’s also an opportunity for India to test the world’s first military flying saucer-shaped UAV under battle conditions. Simultaneously, R&AW receives intelligence that a highly disgruntled senior ISI officer is willing to defect to India is too good and exciting. I recommend this book to every reader, and I have listed below my experience.

What to Expect from the Story?

  • Expect a nail-biting thriller with engaging narration.
  • Expect a story with brave characters who also have the humane that is often less talked about.
  • Expect a book that certainly gives goose bumps with every chapter.

Who can Read?

The story is written in accessible language that beginner-level readers also can understand and comprehend. The vocabulary related to the Indian Army is mainly known. Else can be referred. This is one of the plus points in this book because nowhere the story diverts the reader’s attention. Because of the excellent narration, even seasoned and voracious readers also can pick up the book.


How Good are the Characters?

The characters in this story are captivating and intense. The central characters of Captain Bhupinder Grewal, Ram Sheshagiri Rao, National Security Advisor, Lt. Gen. Amarjit Singh Randhawa, and Colonel Asaf Nigel Phillips have given a great scope and space to the story.

One of the interesting things is the nicknames given to the characters. With engaging characters and ever-intense action sequences, this 50-chapter book is an absolute thriller. 

How Good is the Narration?

Operation Pakistan TERROR STRIKE by Dwayne Pimenta is a cross-border story. From the prologue to the story’s last line, an engaging narration with the next thrill is found. Every chapter introduces characters, and how those take the story forward is brilliant.

The narrative is from every corner of the story, and this makes the story a complete unit. The plot is tight, without any loose ends and gaps. Thus, the narration flows smoothly with lots of action and drama. Every human emotion is emoted genuinely and wholesome.

How Good are the Language and Grammar?

Simple and flowy language with fit vocabulary and grammar is used in the story.

How Good is the Author’s Writing Style?

Considering this as the author’s first book, Operation Pakistan is a superb thriller with the Indian Army as the background. The story’s writing and narratives are filled with action and patriotism at superb levels.

How Entertaining is the Book?

The story is a thriller that runs between borders, countries, soldiers, conspiracies, plot, operations, emotions, and, most importantly, duty! This is a must-read book and especially for beginners and young readers!

Pick it if

  • You like stories with combat and warfare as the backdrop.
  • You love reading that can be read in one sitting.

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