Book Review: ‘Origami Aai’ by Manjiri Indurkar

Get lost in a world never imagined before with this amazing collection of poetry!

Book Title: Origami Aai
Author: Manjiri Indurkar
Publisher: Tranquebar
Number of Pages: 92
ISBN: 978-9395767958
Date Published: Oct. 30, 2023
Price: INR 297

Origami Aai by Manjiri Indurkar Book Cover

Book Review

Origami Aai” by Manjiri Indurkar is a poignant and introspective collection of poems that artfully navigates the complexities of personal experiences, family relationships, and the everyday nuances of Indian family life. The title, “Origami Aai,” suggests a profound metaphorical exploration of the author’s relationship with her mother, using the art of paper folding to express a desire for portable comfort and a deeper connection.

This book by Manjiri Indurkar unveils the emotional underpinnings of the poems, providing readers with a glimpse into the author’s creative process and the sources of inspiration.

The choice to intersperse prose within the predominantly poetic narrative adds a dynamic layer to “Origami Aai.” This blend creates a captivating reading experience, where the boundaries between poetry and prose blur, offering readers a diverse and immersive journey.

The influence of literature particularly works by Kuzhali Manickavel and Latin American writers, is evident in the dreamlike quality of some poems, such as “Writing Love.” Indurkar’s ability to draw inspiration from diverse literary sources enriches the collection, infusing it with layers of meaning and imagery that resonate with readers.

The author’s writing process, rooted in constant observation and the need to process vivid mental images, results in poems that are vivid, evocative, and deeply personal. Indurkar’s willingness to confront and explore the complexity of living in an Indian family adds authenticity to her work, as seen in the recurring theme of family throughout the collection.

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In conclusion, “Origami Aai” is a compelling and beautifully crafted collection that invites readers to embark on a reflective journey through the corridors of the author’s mind. Manjiri Indurkar’s ability to weave together personal narratives, vivid imagery, and a rich cultural backdrop makes this collection a noteworthy addition to contemporary poetry. For those seeking a deeply introspective and emotionally resonant exploration of life, “Origami Aai” is a must-read.

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