Book Review: Parenting in the Age of Anxiety by Abha Adams


Book Title: Parenting in the Age of Anxiety: Raising Children in India in the 21st Century
Author: Abha Adams
Total Number of Pages: 221
Publisher: Aleph Book Company
Category: Non-Fiction

Book Title
The book’s title – Parenting in the Age of Anxiety: Raising Children in India in the 21st Century – comprehensively explains the book’s reason and gives an idea about the contents. Parenting books are now important to new-age parents, and this book caters to their needs. The title is self-explanatory and, therefore, will be helpful for the parents.

Parenting in the Age of Anxiety by Abha Adams Book Cover
Parenting in the Age of Anxiety by Abha Adams Book Cover

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Book Cover
The image on the book cover is an outline depiction of a girl child with a braid. The drawing is in yellow with a green grass background. The colours complement each other, and the title is on the girl’s drawing. The book has some interesting concepts and information which, once read, will surely give the parents hope about parenting tips. The colours used on the cover image create a positive environment.

Inside the Book
This book, Parenting in the Age of Anxiety by innovative educationist Abha Adams explores the journey that parents, children, and educators take together over the first eighteen years of a child’s life in this generation.

The book is divided into five chapters, each with some contents written under titles. In the first chapter, ‘Parenting Is for Life’, the author explores the various ups and downs parents encounter as they start their parenting journey. The world now is captivated under the radar where too many options for every single thing confuse the parents.

Also, the competition and comparison that takes place overwhelm the parents. Going further into the book, the second chapter, ‘Welcome to the Tween Years,’ reflects today’s society with parents and young children trapped in fast life, growth, and decisions. The chapter also shows how today’s kids hit puberty sooner than expected. Here, author Abha explains how the parents shall accept these changes and move forward.

Likewise, the next chapters, titled – The Teen Years, Bridge to Inclusion and The Silence around the Mental Health of Our Children, have insightful observations from family therapists and child psychologists. The book also has observations gathered from teachers, parents, and children.

Parenting in the Age of Anxiety by Abha Adams explains the most important issues troubling children and parents nowadays in simple and comprehensible language. The practical and compassionate advice is narrated with utmost ease and conviction.  

Language and Vocabulary
Simple language with easily accessible vocabulary is used in the book. As the book is in simple English, a parent or a teacher from a remote area with a bare knowledge of the English language can easily understand the book’s intent.

My Thoughts
Parenting books are the flavour of the day as many parents are battling anxiety about the parenting process. This is an opportune time to develop a book on anxiety and parenting. Thanks to author Abha Adams and publisher Aleph Book Company for this.  This book helps a parent to understand parenting better.

With practical case studies, developing a parenting pattern that holds good for Indian society, Abha Adams gives the parents the to explore more than just being a parent. Compared to other countries, the family structure we see in India is different; therefore, this book helps parents realize the virtues they must teach their children that boost their confidence and trust. This is a recommended book!

What I like
The wide variety of topics discussed and explained.

What I didn’t like:
If the book is translated into other regional languages, it will be beneficial.

Pick it if
1. You like books on children, psychology and general studies.
2. You are a research person or a teacher.

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