Book Review: ‘Pulse to Planet’ by K.Srinath Reddy

Exploring Health, Microbes, and Habits: A Fresh Perspective on Wellness


Book Title: Pulse to Planet: The Long Lifeline of Human Health
Author: K.Srinath Reddy
Publisher: HarperCollins India
Number of Pages: 264
ISBN: 978-9356994638
Date Published: Sept. 1, 2023
Price: INR 437

Pulse to Planet by K.Srinath Reddy Book Cover

Book Review

Pulse to Planet“, authored by Dr. K. Srinath Reddy and published by Harper Collins, delves into the intricate relationship between good health and the environment. It also sheds light on how certain human activities have contributed to the deterioration of public health. Dr Reddy, a distinguished cardiologist and public health expert, directs this thought-provoking narrative toward young readers, emphasising their potential to reverse the alarming global health trends.

Further, the book contextualises various health issues within their historical, medical, and contemporary framework, providing valuable insights. Dr. Reddy employs eloquent and polished language throughout the narrative. However, he unapologetically condemns the greed, indifference, and political manoeuvring that characterise the industries behind harmful products such as tobacco, unhealthy foods, beverages, and air and water contamination. The book intends not to engage in activist rhetoric but to present a professional’s earnest plea for people to act.

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The book highlights the risks of specific industries and urges readers to advocate for change. It primarily targets young readers but occasionally delves into medical and scientific explanations for adults. The author emphasises the importance of gut microbiota, which may hold more sway than genetic makeup or hereditary factors. The book simplifies explanations of disease triggers, such as dietary choices, environmental risks, unhealthy habits, and stress, offering relatable real-life examples. It is concise, 264 pages, and provides a refreshing departure from the abundance of statistical data and insufficient funding in health-related literature.

It also highlights the importance of vaginal microbiota for expectant mothers and the role of breast milk as a defence against infections in infants. The book also delves into the mechanisms through which dopamine incites the brain to crave sugary, fatty, and salty foods, leading to obesity, diabetes, and poor health.

Pulse to Planet” is a book highlighting environmental factors’ impact on health and consumers’ need to make informed choices. The author criticises manufacturers and marketers of unhealthy products who exploit the “chink in the rational armour of a person’s brain.” The book also discusses stress and the role of body mass index (BMI) in causing health issues. The author criticises the focus on molecules and single food items and advocates for a plant-based diet. The book also discusses the unintended consequences of technology and research, such as the Green Revolution, which led to groundwater depletion, reduced cultivation of nutritious crops, and hazardous pollution.

The book also examines the deceptive strategies used by cigarette, ultra-processed food, and sugary drink manufacturers, which all consumers should be aware of. The book emphasises how governments continue to be tardy and lenient in implementing restrictions against pollution or dangerous items. “Pulse to Planet” is an invaluable resource for anybody interested in the influence of environmental variables on health and the significance of recognising what is most important in our environment.

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