Book Review: ‘Raising the Bar’ by Pinky Anand and Saudamini Sharma

Raising the Bar: A Lucid Journey Through India's Legal Landscape

Book Title: Raising the Bar: Landmark Judgments from the Indian Judiciary
Authors: Pinky Anand and Saudamini Sharma
Publisher: Rupa Publications India
Number of Pages: 184
ISBN: 978-9357020404
Date Published: Jan. 15, 2024
Price: INR 405

Raising the Bar by Pinky Anand and Saudamini Sharma Book Cover

Book Review

Raising the Bar: Landmark Judgements from the Indian Judiciary,” authored by Pinky Anand and Saudamini Sharma, methodically unravels the complicated fabric of India’s legal panorama. The Indian judiciary, an essential government branch, interprets laws, settles disputes, and administers justice to residents, serving as the watchdog of democracy and the mother or father of the Constitution. The book, which is only 180 pages long, offers a fascinating evaluation of enormous instances and decisions that have now not only moulded the nation’s legal system but have also had long-term results for its citizens.

Pinky Anand, a giant character within the legal subject regarded for her dedication to the ethical utility of the law, contributes her wealth of knowledge to this instructive book. From the historic Indira Gandhi election case to current topics like LGBTQIA+ rights, honor murders, and passive euthanasia, Anand compiles a complete anthology of major judicial opinions. She expertly navigates the complexity of legal language with her clear narrative, making even the most complicated cases accessible to readers from various backgrounds.

Raising the Bar” explores the sociopolitical, theological, and cultural backgrounds of historic decisions, giving a detailed understanding of their consequences. This book is an extraordinary compilation of historic decisions, distinguished by her unique narrative approach. Her style is clear and intelligent, with several tales explaining the complexities of legal language. Anand’s empathic approach emphasizes the difficult balance between individual liberties and societal standards, frequently adding humanizing legal language. The book emphasizes the dynamism of India’s legal system, where court pronouncements may spark societal transformation. Author Pinky Anand’s earlier book, “Trials of Truth,” received positive feedback from readers.

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The title “Raising the Bar” captures the book’s underlying theme: a plea to enhance the conversation around significant court judgments and question conventional wisdom. Author Pinky Anand urges legal enthusiasts, practitioners, and the general public to interact critically with India’s legal structure by tracing its growth via historic judgments.

Raising the Bar” is an important reference for those looking to better understand key judicial precedents. This book, with its combination of intellectual research and captivating narrative, is required reading for anybody interested in understanding the enormous influence of court judgments on the fabric of Indian society.

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