Book Review: Rajaraja Chola by Kamini Dandapani

The enriching heritage and history of The Cholas


Book Title: Rajaraja Chola- King of Kings
Author: Kamini Dandapani
Published by: Aleph Book Company

Rajaraja Chola by Kamini Dandapani
Rajaraja Chola by Kamini Dandapani

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Book Review
The Cholas and the Chola kingdom is one of the richest that reigned for a long time and larger landscape in Southern India. The recent movie by ace filmmaker Mani Ratnam titled Ponnitan Selvan, based on Tamil writer Kalki brought some light into people’s minds about the Chola family and dynasty. Soon after watching the movie, reading this book by Kamini Dandapani was surely surreal.

This biographical book, Rajaraja Chola by Kamini Dandapani showcases the story of King Raja Raja Chola wonderfully. The Chola kingdom, which is famous for its administration, political model, and great valiant life, is also considered one of the best in the aspects of retaining harmony among the citizens.

With engaging narration and interesting historical references, author Kamini’s writing gives a wider insight into the Chola dynasty. The book also explains how progressive the kings and their kingdoms were, along with incredible military and indigenous political framework. History is as it a fascinating subject, and this book will definitely entice history lovers!

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