Book Review: ‘Rat, Rabbit, Rock!’ by Jeena R. Papaadi

Embark on Meera's Poignant Journey of Self-Discovery


Book Title: Rat, Rabbit, Rock!
Author: Jeena R. Papaadi
Publisher: Locksley Hall Publishing LLP
Number of Pages: 255
ISBN: 978-9392428074
Date Published: Dec. 14, 2022
Price: INR 499

Rat, Rabbit, Rock by Jeena R Papaadi Book Cover

Book Review

Rat, Rabbit, Rock!” is a poignant and sensitive narrative that revolves around the captivating journey of 10-year-old Meera. Within the pages of this book, author Papaadi adeptly intertwines the emotional tribulations that young Meera confronts, grappling with a myriad of challenges. As readers delve into the story, they often find themselves profoundly moved, especially as Meera navigates her path to self-discovery and attempts to carve out her place in the world. Meera’s transformation from a timid 10-year-old to a determined young individual resonates profoundly with the reader’s experiences.

With a background in Palliative care, the author appreciates the skillful exploration of the theme of ‘death’ within the narrative. The portrayal of Supriya’s impending death and her pursuit of life’s meaning evokes a range of emotions. Jeena skillfully addresses the issues that impact the lives of young individuals, including bullying, the societal stigma associated with cancer, economic disparities, the quest for purpose, coping with loss, and the journey of self-discovery, all handled with a remarkable degree of sensitivity.

This book is a perfect roller coaster of emotions. It sometimes brings tears, evokes palpitations and fear, mirroring the protagonist’s experiences, and restores some faith in humanity. It delves into contemporary and pertinent issues that should be brought to the forefront, such as bullying, cancer, the associated taboo, and mental health.

Further, the story masterfully captures life and death from the perspective of a ten-year-old girl in a touching yet engaging manner. The character arcs are well-developed, leaving no loose ends. The author finds themselves rooting for the young girl to navigate this complex world, and the author could see themselves in her at various points. The author is confident many readers will relate to her thought processes and justifications.

Author Papaadi’s comparison of life to the dynamics of a rat, a rabbit, and a rock is genuinely fascinating. Life is depicted as a constant cycle of scrambling to escape, occasionally attacking, and sometimes standing resolute and facing whatever challenges come your way. The readers could see aspects of themselves in Meera at various points in the story. Jeena’s keen observations of life and her creation of diverse characters are remarkable. This book is delightful for anyone who appreciates well-narrated fiction in simple yet beautiful language. Readers will thoroughly enjoy this book, connecting deeply with one’s relatable thoughts, fears, and dreams. Meera’s story strikes a chord with many readers eagerly anticipating Jeena’s next literary offering.

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Rat, Rabbit, Rock!” is a brilliantly crafted book, and the author, Jeena Papaadi, is entirely worth the applause. It takes readers on a beautiful, emotional journey, allowing them to deeply connect with Meera’s emotions and bringing tears to their eyes on numerous occasions. The book is captivating and engaging, with a simple yet powerful plot and a smooth, fast-paced narration. The author has used vivid descriptions and dialogues to bring the characters and settings to life and has also woven in humor and suspense to keep the readers hooked. The book also explores important themes such as friendship, family, loss, grief, bullying, peer pressure, and social issues.

The book suits readers of all ages, especially children and young adults, who can relate to Meera’s experiences and learn from her mistakes and achievements. The book is a celebration of the human spirit and the power of hope and a reminder that no matter how hard life gets, there is always a way to overcome it. “Rat, Rabbit, Rock!” is a must-read for anyone who loves a good story with a strong and memorable protagonist.

Overall, it’s a gripping and touching read. Get your copy now!