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Book Title: Reflections: In Rhyme and Rhythm
Kapil Sibal                          
Published By:
Rupa Publications              
No. of pages:

My Thoughts

Poetry is one of the most potent art forms to perfectly portray a person’s inner feelings. These feelings travel through horizons in an infinite loop the soul perceives in turn. The muse of a poem can be anyone or anything, and the words take a magical turn.

Reflections by Kapil Sibal
Reflections by Kapil Sibal Book Cover

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No wonder that a poem of 2 lines also explains a lifetime journey. Thus my interest in free-style poetry that doesn’t follow specific literary conventions is always on fire. This kind of poetry gives the author the liberty to explain almost every feeling.

A good poem is a collection of words that describe extreme levels of all emotions in the most desirable manner. Apart from the general poetry that talks about love, couples, relationships, inspiration, etc., i.e. which comprise and come under the known and familiar emotions, there are also poems that are absurd and abstract.

Kapil Sibal is an active politician from India who functions with the Indian National Congress party. He is a professional lawyer and has headed the Ministry of Science & Technology, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Ministry of Communications & IT, and the Ministry of Law & Justice under the Congress-led UPA government. In 1973, he qualified for the Indian Administrative Services and was offered an appointment, but he declined to set up his law practice.

He then attended the Harvard Law School, where he enrolled for an LL.M. He was appointed as a senior lawyer in 1983 and the Additional Solicitor General of India in 1989. During the 2004 general elections, he won the Chandni Chowk constituency of Delhi with a 71 percent vote share.

This poetry book by Kapil Sibal titled ‘Reflections: In Rhyme and Rhythm’ is a 147-page book divided into four sections. The first section has 18 poems under the name Politics of Introspection. The first poem in this section, ‘Critics Must Pause,’ is a benevolent work with the emotions of rejection and pressure.

The book may not have hit the markets with a bang, but as a reader, it is necessary to put forward some good content that deals with human emotions from a different paradigm. This book by eminent politician Kapil Sibal is a recommended book of modern poetry.

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