Review – How to Create Miracles in Our Daily Life by Oswald Pereira


Being a practitioner of Buddhist philosophy, I could very well relate to this book. The title itself “How to create miracles in our daily life” narrates everything. It is true with smile on our face and positive attitude we can create miracles in our life. Instead of running away from problems, one should face the realities of life and tackle the situation with wisdom and courage.

Author had very well discussed the daily issues and how to tackle the situations with positivism and cleverness. There was an incidence about relationship between Mother-in law and daughter in law which was very well explained by the author.

As a reader, I could relate with it. These are small incidence whether with in-laws or with husband or wife, through our wisdom we can have a beautiful relationship with everyone and have a successful married life. There was one chapter which really motivated me “The law of attraction”. It is well written and true to an extent.

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Our life is based on cause and effect. What causes we have created in the past we will have to bear it’s effect in this lifetime and through prayers and positivism we can cut all the bad causes of the past in this lifetime. There was one quote in the book which really encouraged me “Don’t give up, for tomorrow is another day-and eventually the sun does shine again. And even if the rain soaks the sun in the dark showers, flashes of lightning will light up the sky for a while”.

Those who want to give away their life because of problems or are going through depression must read this quote daily. It is very motivational. One should always have a smile on their face and be positive despite of the problems in their life. Sun of light will surely shine in their life after darkness. The cover of the book is very pleasing to the eyes, perfectly suited with the story.

Every chapter is so motivated that you feel like reading again and again. All these things we know, but still we feel that miracles happen suddenly. As a reader, I would recommend this book to everyone. One should keep this book in your library and read it whenever they feel low. This book will surely boost their life with positivism. A complete page turner. All the best Author and keep writing and encourage us.

About The Book:

How to Create Miracles in Our Daily Life is a first-of-its-kind collection of essays by spiritual gurus and thought leaders on the themes of Love, Life, Living, Giving, Forgiveness, Faith, Compassion, Happiness, Bliss, Peace, Positivism, Karma and God and Us. Written in simple, crisp language, the tenor of the essays is positive and uplifting; the spiritual teachings are non-didactic and have been demystified. The book has an abundance of tips on practical spirituality that will help readers in day-to-day living.

About The Author:

Oswald Pereira, a veteran journalist with more than 30 years’ experience, is the author of the popular novels, The Newsroom Mafia, Chaddi Buddies, Revenge of the Naked Princess, The Krishna-Christ Connexon, Army Girl Steals Civilian’s Heart and Golmaal in Goa.

How to Create Miracles in Our Daily Life is his first non-fiction book. He writes for The Speaking Tree column in The

Times of India and his spiritual articles have appeared in four Speaking Tree anthologies.


☆☆☆☆☆ A Non-Fiction motivational book that will boost positivism in your life. A must-read book for all those who believes that miracles can only happen if we are lucky.

(Reviewed by Himani Gupta)

The Review first appeared in the Storizen Magazine June 2018 Issue. You can read it here.