Book Review: Rishi Sunak: The Rise by Michael Ashcroft


Book Title: Rishi Sunak: The Rise            
Michael Ashcroft             
Published By:
Hachette India

Book Review
Rishi Sunak: The Rise by Michael Ashcroft is a biography of Rishi Sunak, the current Chancellor of the Exchequer. Sunak’s journey from his parents’ Southampton pharmacy to the University of Oxford, the City of London, Silicon Valley, and the pinnacle of British politics is chronicled in the book. Sunak is portrayed well in the book as intelligent, thorough, and data-driven. It also includes information on his early childhood and schooling.

Rishi Sunak The Rise by Michael Ashcroft
Rishi Sunak The Rise by Michael Ashcroft

Yet, the book leaves several critical aspects unresolved, such as Sunak’s riches and how he has avoided creating enemies in Westminster. The book also contains some photographs that summarise Sunak’s life, including his wedding with the Tech-Giant, Infosys Founder, and Narayana Murthy‘s daughter.

Unlike the reviews and Social Media hype created in India On Rishi Sunak’s placement into the cabinet, this book gives a real scenario of what happens in the Westminister! Rishi Sunak (born May 12, 1980) is a British politician and investor who has been Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Conservative Party Leader since October. He was born in Southampton, England, to Hindu parents from Southeast Africa of Indian Punjabi origin. Sunak earned a Fulbright scholarship at Stanford University after graduating from Oxford in 2001.

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He subsequently worked for Goldman Sachs until 2004, when he joined Policy Exchange, a prominent Conservative research organization. He joined the Conservative Party in 2010 and was elected MP for Richmond (Yorks) in May 2015. Sunak was appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer by Prime Minister Boris Johnson in February 2020. Sunak was named Prime Minister when Johnson resigned in October 2022.

The book has 22 chapters that talk about Rishi Sunak’s birth, childhood, teenage, wedding, and till his travel into the cabinet. The book is a fascinating read that delves into the life and career of one of Britain’s most influential politicians. While it does not address all of Sunak’s queries, it does give a fascinating peek into his life and profession. Rishi Sunak: The Rise by Michael Ashcroft has received mixed reviews.

Some have commended the book for providing insight into Sunak’s life and profession, while others have criticized it for lacking anecdotes or unique experiences. Sunak’s journey to power, from his parents’ Southampton pharmacy through the University of Oxford, the City of London, Silicon Valley, and the highest position in the UK, has also been commended in the book.

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