Book Review: ‘Roar of the Dark’ by Aastha Rathod Naad

Roar of the Dark: Illuminating the Shadows of Womanhood

Book Title: Roar of the Dark
Author: Aastha Rathod Naad
Publisher: Rupa Publications India
Number of Pages: 208
ISBN: 978-9357029872
Date Published: Feb. 5, 2024
Price: INR 235

Roar of the Dark by Aastha Rathod Naad Book Cover

Book Review

Roar of the Dark” by Aastha Rathod Naad is more than just a story told via words; it is a captivating trip through the harsh realities that women face on a daily basis, wrapped in a sensual and intriguing tale. Rathod Naad goes deep beyond the polished surface of society’s discourses about women’s empowerment, asking the reader to confront the difference between the idealized picture of femininity and the harsh reality that women experience in their daily lives. Rathod Naad’s work serves as a heartbreaking reminder that cosmetic measures are insufficient in a world eager to advocate the cause of Nari Shakti, particularly in India, where attempts are being made to educate and empower women from all walks of life. She argues that true empowerment begins with addressing the root causes of women’s insecurities and societal expectations, rather than just the symptoms.

Through “Roar of the Dark,” Rathod Naad asks readers to question the traditional roles allocated to women—whether they are restricted to being homemakers, sexual objects, or something more sinister created by society’s ever-changing norms. As modernization moves the globe ahead, Rathod Naad notices a troubling trend: although men are recognized for their brains and abilities, women are still regarded largely for their physical labor and sexuality. The author criticizes this retreat, pointing out a change in role models from people of strength and success to those lauded for their beauty and sexual allure. This shift, she argues, reflects a deeper societal failure to value women for their abilities and contributions beyond their physical attributes.

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Aastha Rathod Naad’s “Roar of the Dark” is characterized by a rich, introspective writing style, a nuanced and deeply personal narrative approach, and multilayered storytelling that engages with complex themes. Her background in visual storytelling might contribute to the vivid and immersive descriptions, while her personal convictions and experiences infuse the narrative with authenticity and emotional depth.
Rathod Naad’s story is more than a critique; it is a very intimate investigation of how cultural conventions have influenced women’s lives, based on her own experiences and feelings.

She addresses complicated problems such as social pressure on women to retain their purity and the objectification of women in mythology, bringing important concerns about women’s identity and value beyond their physical bodies. Rathod Naad’s thought-provoking language and vivid storytelling inspire the reader to evaluate the engrained conventions and expectations that define and frequently constrain women’s positions in society.

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