Scare Me if You Can: Thrilling and Exciting Horror Stories!


Book Title: Scare Me if You Can

Author: Sid Kapdi

Format: Kindle

My Thoughts:

This book, Scare Me if You Can is a collection of horror stories, each one described by a writer who participates in a get-together of the writers organized by Sivan, the famous writer in the town at a resort. The resort itself is a character in the story as the look and explanation will create horror in a reader’s mind. To know more about the resort and its setting, one must surely read the book.


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From chapter one till chapter 10, the whole setup, the excitement, entertainment, and thrill every page gives the reader is interesting. The stories don’t become scary suddenly, but like slow poison, the horror element seeps deeper.

What to expect from the story?

‘Scare me if you can’ by Sid Kapdi is an anthology of short stories in the horror genre. The novel starts with the protagonist Sivan, the bestselling Author, who conducts a workshop in advanced horror writing in a resort. As said, the resort itself creates a mood. After a four-day workshop, each participant reads out their stories. Besides these nine people, who are the participants, it is observed that there is an outsider who also renders his story and that story turns out to have an interesting twist. The collection has a good range of diversity regarding the degree of scare, thrill, and locations. It’s interesting to observe the presence of subgenres within the main genre of horror.

Who can read?

This book pleases those readers who read gore, blood, crime, and torture without any hesitation. While few stories are okay to read, few are very intense. Therefore though the language used is not obscene, the plotline in few stories is raw and brutal. Thus, weak-hearted people and teenagers may skip the book.

How good are the characters?

From Sivan to the writers who participate in the workshop in the story, the resort’s owner and many other characters have enough space, clarity, and strength. Every character is crafted well with deeper details. There is an underlying mystery in every character’s introduction, and as the story progresses, many layers unfold in a single character through their story narration.

How good is the narration?

The narration in every story is flowing, shocking, disturbing, fascinating, and haunting. The attractive point of the story is in the initial pages of the story. The story is so engaging from the initial pages itself, and as the readers turn the pages, they will get involved in the collection of stories with a proper backdrop immensely. The situations explained that happen in reality in every part of the world hooks the readers’ minds. The evilness and the sadism are vividly explained.

How good is the Author’s writing style?

With a simple writing style, author Sid Kapdi tried covering a varied and wide range of topics with a subtle message in some of the stories. The aspects of romance, reincarnation, premonition, cruelty towards animals, serial killings, etc., have been the muses of the plotline. He has also experimented with forms of writing in one particular story, which makes it an interesting read. There is a good amount of detailing with regards to the character and place in each story. The evil virtues of a human are very well presented.

How good are the language and grammar?

The language used in the story is effective. The basic English language elements are used finely.

How entertaining is the book?

The book revolves around one writing workshop in a hill station resort with Nine people and ten stories. From the setup till the story’s climax, Sivan’s journey with Ajgar is an entertainer.

Final Verdict

Thrilling and exciting horror stories!