Shadows of the Night by Priyanka Lal

Book: Shadow of the night

Publisher: Redgrab Books & Anybook

About The Author: Priyanka Lal hails from Ranchi but lives cozily in a traffic-packed Bangalore. She has found a spot for herself among books, by being part of the developmental process of several bestsellers in the last few years. Reading and life inspire her to write. She is an Art enthusiast and reacts positively to music, paintings, and people rebuilding themselves.

About The Book: Nights are the times of real emotions. Mundane of the days may dilute what we feel but at night there is no hiding. Love – a teenager’s fantasy, a dying man’s first experience, a friend’s playfulness, a person’s hope… Love comes in varied forms and under different circumstances is expressed in a million ways. As the hours of the night changes, so changes the intensity of emotions and the lives of people make into new stories. An insight intoLives – poles apart from each other – guided by the touch of one common feeling, the stirrings of love. As you walk deeper into your nights be assured there is a shadow just for you.

Review: The cover of the book is perfect with the title which attracted me to read the book. The author had chosen black and white color for the cover which clearly matches the stories of different emotions and hope. I have read author’s first book “The Rosebush” which I really enjoyed reading it. It was a perfect love story with different emotions but somehow this book didn’t lead to my expectations. The stories are short and crisp with easy language that one can read at one go. It is good for traveling and during free time. The author had blended all the emotions in one book.

The best part of the book was its narration but somehow, I could not like the endings of some of the stories as I got confused whether it is completed or still to go. One cannot judge through the ending of the story. The book can be read by all the generations as it has stories for all. Among all the stories my personal favorite is Celebration of love and Language of Love. There are 13 stories and each story tell u something new. Those who would like to start reading or wants to develop their interest in reading can start with this book as it is short and easy to complete. All the best Priyanka. You are a good writer and I wish good and interesting stories from your end. Keep writing!

Verdict: ☆☆☆ A short story collection with all the genres and emotions together one can read this book in their free time.

The Book Review first appeared in Storizen Magazine April 2019 Issue.