Book Review: ‘Small Cogs in a Large Wheel’ by Naresh Nandan Prasad

A Distinguished Civil Servant's Memoir

Book Title: Small Cogs in a Large Wheel: A Civil Servant’s Life
Author: Naresh Nandan Prasad
Publisher: Westland Non-Fiction
Number of Pages: 240
ISBN: 978-9357768320
Date Published: Sept. 25, 2023
Price: INR 495

Small Cogs in a Large Wheel by Naresh Nandan Prasad Book Cover

Book Review

Memoirs are fascinating stories that provide insight into the lives of extraordinary people in a world full of information and literary choices. Exploring the benefits of reading memoirs goes beyond mere entertainment; it delves into the realm of inspiration, knowledge, and personal growth.

In this connection, “Small Cogs in a Large Wheel: A Civil Servant’s Life” by Naresh Nandan Prasad, a distinguished civil servant, unfolds as a compelling narrative transcending borders, shedding light on a life devoted to public service. Published by Westland Books, the memoir masterfully captures Mr. Prasad’s distinguished career, intricately weaving threads of commitment, sacrifice, and a relentless pursuit of positive change both nationally and internationally. As readers traverse the pages, Mr. Prasad’s name becomes synonymous with a legacy marked by grace, resilience, and a profound impact on the global stage of civil service.

The memoir is not merely a recollection of events; rather, it vividly portrays a life dedicated to the service of the nation, navigating the complexities of diverse Indian states with grace and resilience. Mr. Prasad’s storytelling prowess is evident as he paints poignant portraits of his experiences, infusing them with subtle humor that adds a human touch to the narrative. The memoir unfolds as a gallery of moments etched in time, allowing readers to vicariously experience the challenges and triumphs of a dedicated civil servant.

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Small Cogs in a Large Wheel: A Civil Servant’s Life” explores Naresh Nandan Prasad’s life at UNIDO and WIPO, highlighting his global commitment to positive change. The memoir, written entirely on his mobile phone, provides a nuanced understanding of his professional and personal facets. Urvashi Prasad, his daughter, encapsulates these words into a book after his sudden passing, offering a unique perspective on his life.

In the end, “Small Cogs in a Large Wheel: A Civil Servant’s Life” emerges not only as a memoir but as a cultural and historical document capturing the essence of an era through the lens of civil service. Mr. Prasad’s honesty, passion, simplicity of language, and humor make the memoir a genuine reflection of his personality. Endorsements from distinguished figures like Amitabh Kant, India’s G-20 Sherpa, and Anil Swarup, Former Secretary of, the Government of India, underscore the memoir’s significance. Their high praise amplifies its relevance for aspiring civil servants and those intrigued by the inner workings of India’s bureaucratic machinery.

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