Smile – It Costs Nothing by Prateek Singh book review

Book Title: Smile – It Costs Nothing          

Author: Prateek Singh

Format: Paperback

Published By: Book Street Publications 

No. of pages: 205

Book Review

Life sometimes gets complicated, and the need to seek help from others arises. Here comes the role of friends, confidants, therapists, happiness coaches, and family. But another powerful tool is mainly referred to in need – the Self-help books! Self-help books can be a powerful tool when used correctly. They are cheaper than therapy and can be just as effective. You can progress in your own time, and most people find it more comfortable than seeking professional help.

Choosing and knowing the best book and time also is an important aspect. Reading, though it enhances the mind, can also work otherwise. Hence, picking up the right book at the right time is needed. Numerous books on different aspects of self-help are available in the market. But again, picking up the perfect book is tedious but not impossible.

Smile - It Costs Nothing by Prateek Singh Book Cover
Smile – It Costs Nothing by Prateek Singh Book Cover

Most of the scenarios are like this, out of 10 self-help books available, only 7 will suffice the need, and 3 from the sorted 7 books actually work for us. It is a little tricky to pick the best one in the short-listed 3 books. Here come the crucial things like the title of the book, contents, reader’s connection, presentation, and size of the book.

Keeping all the above in mind, this self-help book titled – Smile – It Costs Nothing and authored by Prateek Singh, is a concise read. The book has 4 chapters, and each chapter doesn’t only have a theory but there are some exercises that the readers can attempt. The first chapter focuses mainly on having a positive mindset. Whatever might be the challenge that life throws, maintaining a positive attitude and emitting positive energy are essential. But again, this is no easy task. Therefore, books like these help readers choose between dream fillers or killers.

There are several tools mentioned in this chapter that will help in steering away negativity and embracing positivity. One of the most effective tools is the 21-day rule. Further in the book, decision tables, exercises, and practice modules that require readers’ attention and time are given. These hand-outs are practical and helpful.

Happiness is elusive, but to be happy, there takes a lot of labor. Inner happiness is something that is to be sought after through hard mental work. To achieve this, it is all in mind and thoughts. Keeping up the child inside alive and seeking happiness from whatever we have in abundance with an innocent heart automatically brings a smile!

This book by Prateek Singh is written in simple language with easily accessible vocabulary but with deep research. The font and the paper quality are pretty comfortable, and this 205 pages book has lots of takeaways!


Pick it if

  • You are looking for a simple book on happiness and well-being.
  • You like to read books that are not preachy and give practical tips and suggestions.
  • You are looking for self-help books by an Indian author. 

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