Book Review: Sugar – The Silent Killer by Damayanti Datta


Book Title: Sugar – The Silent Killer         
Damayanti Datta
Published By: Rupa Publications              
No. of pages:

Book Review

The company promoted  Mr. X  to the next role.
Mrs. Y gave birth to a baby girl.
Miss. A secured a fine job.
Mr. Z proposed to his long-time boyfriend.
Mrs. O retired from her service.

All the above-listed occasions have three things in common. One is a celebration, two a party and three sweets to be distributed.

Sugar - The Silent Killer by Damayanti Datta
Sugar – The Silent Killer by Damayanti Datta

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Unlike in other countries, in India, every event is celebrated with a sweet dish at the beginning or end. This has been a ritual for ages. Even in the epic Ramayana, Dasaratha gave his three wives the Payas (Payasam in South India – a sweet dish with milk and rice) as a solution for their pregnancy. Cultivating sugar cane and using the jaggery dates back to 3500 years old.

The element called sugar enlists in the Rig Veda. Ironically, the concept of diabetes is also mentioned in ancient texts. Before the invention of factory-made sugar, honey was also a significant source of sweetness in Indian life.

In this book, Sugar – The Silent Killer by writer and researcher Damayanti Datta, a wholesome history of sugar in the past generation till date is explained with facts, interesting stories, and words of caution. This 200 pages book on sugar is a well-researched study that accounts for the dangers caused by this white poison called – Sugar.

The misconceptions about maintaining the sugar levels in a body till the aftermath effects of using processed sugar are well explained in the book. The mention of diabetes as Madhumeha, which means Honey Urine in the Vedas, was utterly exciting.

How the sugar was consumed during the pandemic, how the industries made profits by putting public health at risk, and how every food dish we eat binds itself with added sugar are demonstrated clearly. This is a must-read book with history,  facts, and cruel truths.

Pick it if

  • You like reading books on health and food.
  • You wish to understand the adultery in the food industry across the world.

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