Book Review: ‘Sultan of Delhi: Ascension’ by Arnab Ray

A gripping saga of ambition and power in post-independence

Book Title: Sultan of Delhi: Ascension
Author: Arnab Ray
Publisher: Hachette India
Number of Pages: 304
ISBN: 978-9351950929
Date Published: Jan. 1, 2016
Price: INR 297

Sultan of Delhi – Ascension by Arnab Ray Book Cover

Book Review

Arnab Ray’s “Sultan of Delhi: Ascension” is a gripping story that follows Arjun Bhatia’s rise from poverty to power. Ray expertly intertwines Bhatia’s journey with the turbulent historical events that defined post-independence India, providing readers with a gripping combination of fiction and truth.

As Bhatia navigates Delhi’s complex corridors of power, the narrative evolves in a non-linear manner, smoothly switching between past and present. From his modest origins as a refugee fleeing the horrors of partition to his rise to prominence in the city’s political and criminal milieu, Bhatia’s journey is both compelling and unrelenting.

Sultan of Delhi” is a story of ambition, survival, and an unquenchable desire for power. Bhatia’s rise from a mechanic to a savvy businessman and, finally, to the titular Sultan of Delhi demonstrates his unshakable perseverance and ingenuity. Along the journey, he forms allies, encounters antagonists, and wrestles with moral quandaries, all while attempting to protect his family and heritage.

Ray expertly weaves significant historical events such as partition, the formation of Bangladesh, and the Emergency into Bhatia’s narrative arc. Readers see the changing sociopolitical scene of post-independence India through Bhatia’s eyes, which adds complexity and perspective to the protagonist’s actions.

The story features a broad range of characters, each well-developed and nuanced. From Bhatia’s devoted confidante Bangali to the intriguing Nayantara, Ray’s characters are real and deep. Furthermore, Bhatia’s tumultuous relationships with his kids and rival RP Singh lend levels of drama and mystery to the whole story.

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To sum up, “Sultan of Delhi” is a tour de force that effortlessly mixes historical fiction with a thrilling story, providing readers with an enthralling peek into the turbulent world of post-independence India. With its deeply created characters, quick pacing, and smart narrative, Arnab Ray’s novel is guaranteed to enthrall people across genres and leave an indelible mark. The novel was also adapted into a web series, which was launched in October 2023 on one of the main OTT platforms.

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