Book Review: ‘The Book of Bihari Literature’ by Abhay K.

A book that explains the rich literary heritage of Bihar


Book Title: The Book of Bihari Literature
Author: Abhay K.
Publisher: HarperCollins India

Book Review
The book, published by HarperCollins India, features a vivid mix of writings-poems, essays, and stories-penned by some of the finest poets, thinkers, and authors from millennia who were born or lived in what is now Bihar. Angika, Bajjika, Bhojpuri, English, Farsi, Hindi, Magahi, Maithili, Pali, Sanskrit, and Urdu are the languages included in ‘The Book of Bihari Literature,’ compiled and edited by poet-diplomat Abhay K.

The Book of Bihari Literature by Abhay K. Book Cover
The Book of Bihari Literature by Abhay K. Book Cover

Going back into history, Bihar has a rich and diverse literary tradition that spans centuries. Some of the most prominent figures in Indian literature, such as Vidyapati and Guru Gobind Singh hailed from Bihar.

Bihar has also given birth to several well-known authors and poets who have made significant contributions to literature. Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, a notable Hindi poet and essayist; Phanishwar Nath, an influential Hindi novelist, and journalist; Bhikhari Thakur, and others are among them.

This book “The Book of Bihari Literature” makes the abundance of Bihari literature available to English-speaking readers and works in forgotten languages by ancient philosophers and prominent modern authors. With the comfortable font size and accessible translation, this book by Abhay K stands out in the translated works published recently.

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A must-read for all the enthusiasts who want to explore Bihar Literature.

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