Book Review: The Book Of Indian Queens by Aleph Book Company

Stories of women who were never afraid!


Book Title: The Book of Indian Queens        
Author: Various Authors                   
Published By: Aleph Book Company

Book Review
While patriarchy would be the dominating element of Indian culture for decades to come, India’s history is filled with stories of awe-inspiring queens (the term “queens” in this book refers to all women who were rulers or of royal birth—empresses, queens, regents, princesses, begums, and so on). The term “Queens of India” can refer to several historical figures who held the title of Queen or a position of power and influence in India.

The Book Of Indian Queens by Aleph Book Company
The Book Of Indian Queens by Aleph Book Company

The best fictional and non-fiction stories of Indian queens from antiquity to the present are collected in this book. The stories from all around the subcontinent present a wide-ranging perspective. Eleven tales or essays are written by famous authors, authors, and celebrities. No matter how many inspiring tales I have read, Jhansi Lakshmi Bai’s is the one that constantly captures my heart.

In the same way, others stories by important people in the book bring together some of the finest accounts in fiction and non-fiction on Indian queens from the earliest times to the present day, from every corner of the subcontinent. Read this to feel the women’s power in the past and present! Gift this book to young children to know more about our Nari Shakti.

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