The Cursed Inheritance: Suspense and Thrilling Story!


Book Title: The Cursed Inheritance
Author: Sutapa Basu

Book Title:
The book’s title, ‘The Cursed Inheritance‘, is quite explanatory, and one can guess the plotline.

Book Cover:
The cover image of the book is a big mansion and a young woman walking towards the entrance. This image serves apt to the blurb of the story.


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About the book:
Anahita Sarkar, who has grown up in London, is bequeathed a mansion in Kolkata that she has never seen. She travels to the City of Joy to dispose of her inheritance to realize that it has deep, dark secrets. As she enters the mansion, these secrets become enigmas that pursue her; a grand house that speaks to her, an intriguing visitor who knows a little too much, a friendly foe who wraps secrets in riddles, and a mysterious past that is cursed—putting at stake her family’s reputation and her values. Can she dig deeper to unravel the mystery and turn the cursed inheritance into a blessing?

My review:
It has been a practice in world literature that if it comes to the exciting thriller mysteries, there will be an abandoned house or bungalow, some curse of an evil spirit, and the male or the female protagonist being the bait. The story then follows with the adventurous travel of the characters in the story against the evil forces, and then the good wins over the bad.

In this story by author Sutapa Basu, the story revolves around Anahita, an NRI unaware of her inheritance. After her father’s death, she visits Kolkata, unaware of how the city will turn her life upside do. As an inherited property to sell the mansion, she owns and plans to go back to London.

But, it doesn’t go as planned. The mansion is mysterious and cursed. The supernatural events that take place are narrated well.

The story has fewer characters, but every character is essential from their introduction in the story. Very excitingly, the mansion and the inherited curse also act as characters. Such is the strength and scope given to these things. Anahita, the female protagonist in the story, experiences disturbing yet eye-opening incidents. During this action sequence, the elements of supernatural power providing strength to the story is equally exciting.

This is the best part of this book. The explanation and mention of a mansion,  the inherited property, the curse that runs around the family, etc., is fascinating.  The descriptive writing creates an eerie feeling and chilling thrill in the readers. The plot is quite exciting, and thus the book is unputdownable. Making the reader’s hook to a short book of 140 odd pages is just incredible.

Language & Grammar:
The readers can find an acceptable language with adequate vocabulary. The family saga, the supernatural elements that make the story enjoyable,  are very well described. The imaginative power of the author is reflected coherently in the language used.

My Final Verdict:
Suspense and thrilling story!

Book Title
:  3/5
Book Cover:
Inside the book: 3/5
Characters: 3/5
Language & Grammar:
Final Rating:

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