Book Review: ‘The Fearless Twins And Other Sibling Stories from Mythology’ by Sreelata Menon

Discover the Divine Duality of Legendary Siblings

Book Title: The Fearless Twins And Other Sibling Stories from Mythology
Author: Sreelata Menon
Publisher: Hachette India
Number of Pages: 232
ISBN: 978-9357312790
Date Published: Nov. 24, 2023
Price: INR 168

The Fearless Twins And Other Sibling Stories from Mythology by Sreelata Menon Book Cover

Book Review

The Fearless Twins and Other Sibling Stories from Mythology,” by Sreelata Menon showcases the interesting duality of twins across cultures and religions. Twins have had a particular place in narrative from ancient times to the present, representing a wide range of themes like togetherness and competition, balance, and resistance.

The concept of twins as both like and unique entities is firmly rooted in mythology across the world. Twins, whether presented as foreboding or auspicious, frequently exhibit complex dynamics that mirror humanity’s duality essence. In Greek mythology, Apollo and Artemis represent the sun and moon, respectively, whereas the Ashwini Twins are revered in Hinduism as healers and divinities.

In the book, legendary pairings like Krishna and Subhadra, Romulus and Remus, and Hengist and Horsa who have enthralled audiences throughout history with stories of love, struggle, and mischief are well presented. These timeless stories, infused with humor and charm, provide important insights into the eternal link shared by brothers, even under the most difficult circumstances.

The illustrations included in the book on legends and folklore are intended to supplement the storytelling by providing visual representations of the people, settings, and ideas featured in the stories. These graphics also add to the book’s overall immersive experience, helping the reader comprehend and enjoy the stories being presented. Author Sreelata tells not only interesting stories of twins from many cultures but also provides fascinating facts about their birth and parentage.

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With a beautiful combination of humor and magic, “The Fearless Twins and Other Sibling Stories from Mythology” urges readers to embrace the power of family and celebrate the special bond between brothers and sisters. These fascinating stories remind readers of the enduring power found in familial bonds, even when confronted with the odd arrow shot at them.

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