Book Review: ‘The Foresighted Ambedkar’ by Anurag Bhaskar

Discover the Visionary Behind India's Constitution

Book Title: The Foresighted Ambedkar: Ideas That Shaped Indian Constitutional Discourse
Author: Anurag Bhaskar
Publisher: Viking (India)
Number of Pages: 400
ISBN: 978-0670097401
Date Published: Apr. 11, 2024
Price: INR 543

The Foresighted Ambedkar by Anurag Bhaskar Book Cover

Book Review

It is easily visible in recent times that the Indian nation-state is proudly celebrating Babasaheb Ambedkar as a heroic individual, as an apostle of great virtues. It has adopted him as one of the leading nationalist icons.

The Foresighted Ambedkar” by Anurag Bhaskar is a painstakingly researched examination of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s significant influence on the Indian Constitution’s writing. Ambedkar, who was born in 1891 into the oppressed Mahar caste, experienced a great deal of social and economic oppression. He persevered in pursuing a broad education in spite of these obstacles, receiving degrees from esteemed colleges including Columbia University and the London School of Economics. Bhaskar provides new insights on Ambedkar’s lasting impact by delving into his lifetime fight against untouchability and his crucial role in forming India’s constitutional framework.

According to Bhaskar’s book, Ambedkar had a significant impact on the Indian Constitution far before the formal 1946–1950 writing era. As per the publisher’s comment, Ambedkar’s engagement began when he entered the public eye in 1919 and continued for four decades. The author presents a thorough account of Ambedkar’s contributions at different points in the Constitution’s creation, highlighting both his visionary approach to nation-building and his steadfast dedication to social justice. This thorough analysis shows how Ambedkar’s work during these crucial constitutional periods shaped contemporary India.

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The book stands out for its extensive archive research and genuine speeches and discussions that provide a vivid account of Ambedkar’s political and intellectual development. Bhaskar draws attention to Ambedkar’s ground-breaking concepts, especially his support of the rights of underrepresented groups, which have had a long-lasting influence on India’s democratic culture. Ambedkar is portrayed in the story as a major contributor to the creation of an inclusive and fair society, effectively capturing his unwavering pursuit of justice and equality.

Anyone interested in learning about the challenges involved in crafting a constitution for a multicultural nation such as India should read “The Foresighted Ambedkar“. This scientific work is understandable to both academics and ordinary readers because to Bhaskar’s readable style and insightful analysis. In addition to highlighting Ambedkar’s crucial contribution to the drafting of the Indian Constitution, the book uplifts readers with his unwavering commitment to social change throughout his life. This book serves as both a tribute to Ambedkar’s legacy and a significant addition to the fields of social justice and constitutional history research.

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