Book Review: ‘The Fury’ by Alex Michaelides

Interesting and thrilling

Book Title: The Fury
Author: Alex Michaelides
Publisher: Michael Joseph
Number of Pages: 368
ISBN: 978-0241575543
Date Published: Feb. 1, 2024
Price: INR 456

The Fury By Alex Michaelides

Book Review

Alex Michaelides returns with his third novel, “The Fury,” a compelling story that demonstrates his grasp of suspense and intrigue. Set on a remote Greek island, the plot focuses on Lana Farrar, a reclusive ex-movie star, and her group of friends, whose gathering takes a nasty turn when a murder happens. Elliot Chase, an enigmatic man with a love for theatrical storytelling, narrates the tale, which develops with a series of twists and turns that leave readers wondering until the finish.

Michaelides’ storytelling ability is clear from the start, as he brilliantly weaves together a complicated storyline that blurs the borders between truth and falsehood. Readers are introduced to a cast of people with hidden objectives and competing motivations through Elliot’s point of view, laying the groundwork for a thrilling battle of wits. As the novel develops, the suspense rises to a thrilling conclusion that keeps readers on the tip of their seats until the last reveal.

While “The Fury” changes its route from Michaelides’ prior works in terms of Greek mythology and evocative locations, it makes up for it with a fascinating storyline and rich character relationships. The novel’s structure, evocative of classical play, provides complexity to the story and heightens its overall effect. Despite minor issues with the location, Michaelides’ writing and narrative abilities show through, enthralling readers with each unexpected twist and turn.

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Finally, “The Fury” is a remarkable addition to Alex Michaelides’ literary repertory, demonstrating his ability to create gripping thrillers that defy expectations. The novel’s compelling narrative, memorable characters, and tense atmosphere will appeal to aficionados of both psychological suspense and mystery. Whether you’re a long-time Michaelides fan or a newcomer, “The Fury” offers an intense reading experience that will leave you yearning for his next masterpiece.

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