Book Review: ‘The Girl in Room 105’ by Chetan Bhagat

Book Title: The Girl in Room 105
Author: Chetan Bhagat
Publisher: HarperCollins India

Book Review
“The Girl in Room 105” is a thrilling and engaging novel written by Chetan Bhagat, one of India’s most popular authors. The book tells the story of Keshav, a young man who is struggling to come to terms with his past and move on with his life.

The story begins with Keshav receiving a message from his ex-girlfriend, Zara Lone, inviting him to meet her in her hostel room at night. Keshav, who is still in love with Zara, decides to meet her despite his reservations. However, things take a dark turn when he discovers that Zara has been murdered in her room.

The Girl in Room 105 by Chetan Bhagat Book Cover
The Girl in Room 105 by Chetan Bhagat Book Cover

The rest of the novel follows Keshav’s efforts to uncover the truth about Zara’s death. Along the way, he is assisted by his friend Saurabh, who is a hacker, and the two of them work together to unravel the mystery.

One of the strengths of “The Girl in Room 105” is its fast-paced narrative style. Bhagat’s writing is easy to read and flows smoothly, which makes the book a page-turner. The plot is also well-crafted, with enough twists and turns to keep readers engaged throughout.

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However, the book does have some weaknesses. The characters, particularly Keshav, can be somewhat one-dimensional and lack depth. Additionally, the portrayal of women in the novel is problematic at times, with female characters being reduced to mere stereotypes.

Overall, “The Girl in Room 105” is an entertaining and suspenseful read that will appeal to fans of thrillers and crime fiction. While it may not be the most sophisticated novel out there, it is still a fun and engaging read that is worth checking out.

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