The Great Indian Mathematicians


Book Title: The Great Indian Mathematicians

Author: Gaurav Tekriwal

Format: Paperback

About the Author:

Gaurav Tekriwal is the founder and president of Vedic Maths Forum India. As an educator, he has been imparting high-speed Vedic mental mathematics skills over the past fifteen years across the globe. He inspires and informs people, helping them to realize their true potential by introducing them to the world’s fastest mental-math system, called Vedic mathematics.

Gaurav is the author of Speed Math, and his complete DVD set on the topic is popular among students and academicians worldwide. Gaurav has taken the Vedic Maths system to over four million students in India, South Africa, Australia, the United States, and Oman through television programs, DVDs, books, workshops, and seminars. He is a four-time TED speaker and has been awarded the Young Visionaries Fellowship by the ministry of external affairs, India.

About the Book:

India’s mathematicians have made significant contributions over the last 5000 years. From the ever-popular Aryabhata, widely recognized for revolutionizing the number system and Shakuntala Devi, universally admired for her fast mental calculations to pioneers forgotten by time, like Baudhayana, who explained the Pythagoras’ theorem nearly 3000 years ago, the figures included in this book are trailblazers in the world of mathematics.

The Great Indian Mathematicians

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Fresh, accessible, and inspiring, The Great Indian Mathematicians celebrate persistent mathematicians throughout Indian history. This book is an ideal introduction for the next generation of tenacious and curious maths wizards and features a goldmine of tips and tricks, nuggets of surprise, and much more!

Book Review:

Mathematics is the only subject that probably is a scarecrow amongst all the subjects from school to university! Though in Engineering or any other graduate discipline where Mathematics happens to be a subject and is practically applicable, still, the scary feeling exists. I remember as a child I was a good student but was always scared of Mathematics, not because of the subject but the teachers. … hahaha chuckles! But again, Mathematics is that subject which is the most useful forever maybe!

“We, as a nation, were colonized for over 200 years, and our perception of the history of Indian maths and mathematicians was distorted and corrupted. We started losing faith in our own culture and heritage and started looking at things from a Western standpoint,” writes Tekriwal in his introduction to this book. He adds, “Many concepts that were widely believed to have originated from the English-speaking world were discovered in India.” This introduction made me plunge into the book as soon as I read it.

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For a second, this seemed to be a strong claim, but it sounded true when given a thought. Oh, come on … it was Aryabhatta who introduced the number Zero and now we see where the world is. Talking about personalities who worked on Mathematics, there are many people to be talked about. Be it, Srinivasa Ramanujan or Shakuntala Devi, dating ages back, we have Brahmagupta and Varahamihira too!


The Great Indian Mathematicians by Gaurav Tekriwal unearths the man hidden gems who made their mark in the field of mathematics. Ok, the field of mathematics doesn’t only comprise the academic subject but fields of Astronomy, Physics, Super Calculating, etc. This 100 pages book is intended for children and adults who are not aware of how great our Indian Scientists in the Vedic and ancient periods were.

I was so much fascinated reading about Narayana Pandita, where he gave principles of calculations of multiplications, quadrilateral areas, sequences and series, and many more. I mean, we are taught most of them as western mathematicians’ work, but our Indian mathematicians have done this long ago. Thus, now I understand why Vedic Maths is less popular yet most authentic. Thanks to some Gurukuls and schools now who also introduced Vedic Maths as a subject. Being apolitical, my view towards these Indian mathematicians has changed, and I am lucky to read this book.

With simple language and vocabulary, fun and unknown facts, and the importance of these people’s contribution to the world of Mathematics, this book is a definite recommendation. It not only thrills us but also enhances our General Knowledge.

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