Book Review: The Greatest Goan Stories Ever Told by Manohar Shetty

Dive into the Arabian sea waters and enjoy the heartfelt Goan stories.


Book Title: The Greatest Goan Stories Ever Told⁣
Editor: Manohar Shetty⁣
Published by: Aleph Book Company⁣

The Greatest Goan Stories Ever Told by Manohar Shetty
The Greatest Goan Stories Ever Told by Manohar Shetty

Book Review
Before sharing my thoughts on this book edited by Manohar Shetty, I would like to initially thank and congratulate Aleph Publications for their efforts in bringing out the ‘The Greatest Short Stories’ series. I had an opportunity to read Telugu, Tamil, Gujarati, and Marathi stories. It is indeed a lovely feeling to read stories from the Konkan land, the paradise – of Goa.

Often, the word Goa pictures the colorful and party life near the beaches, shacks, and great food. Apart from hai, the land is also a mixture of different languages and cultures. The Portuguese of course is one of the most important people who contributed a lot to Goa. As the state shares its border with Marathi and Karnataka to some extent, stories prominently in Marathi are also a part of the book.

Thus, The Greatest Goan Stories Ever Told by Manohar Shetty has stories translated from Marathi, Portuguese, and Konkani. The stories also explain the relationship between today’s Goa and its colonial history. Most of the short stories reek of humanism and the characters soar beyond the unseen divides like caste, gender, inequality, and wealth. ⁣

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The eminent writers such as Laxmanrao Sardessai and Vimala Devi to contemporary writers like Damodar Mauzo, Ramnath Gajanan Gawade, JessicaFaleiro, and Derek Mascarenhas are fortunately the storytellers in this book. One must be extremely proud and feel lucky for reading this book.

Each of the 27 stories drips with humanity, emotions, and heart-touching characters. The book is an account to understand what Goa is about until it because a mere party place.

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