Book Review: The Heart of Work by SV Nathan

Well-researched and articulated book on life-work balance.


Book Title: The Heart of Work
Author: SV Nathan
Published by: Harper Business

Book Review
Peace of mind is as important as having a dedicated mindset toward the work one does. The importance of having a sense of purpose in life as well as the work we do leads to a balanced emotional quotient. The more a person loves his or her job, the more his or her life will be.

SV Nathan is by a well-known leadership development expert and consultant, “The Heart of Work” is a book that in detail explains why one has to look for a purpose at work and how it helps in understanding the concept of job satisfaction and personal fulfillment.

This 292-page book prominently focuses on harmony at the job with a pursuit of meaningful work balance. Themes like values-driven goals are explained through practical exercises and real-time case studies. The book further examines the concept of work as a means of personal growth and self-discovery. Reading between the lines one can see how the book suggests ways in which people can find more meaning and satisfaction in their jobs.

The Heart of Work by SV Nathan
The Heart of Work by SV Nathan

The author chose simple and concise language in the book. Thus, the plenty of examples and stories to illustrate the points he’s making are easy to comprehend. Most of the practical advice and exercises provided in the book can be put into practice by the readers.

It is also important to note that the book covers a lot of ground related to different aspects of work like personal growth, work culture, and management too. The book is a good combination of elements of self-help, management, and psychology, providing a holistic view to approach the meaning and purpose of work.

Overall, The Heart of Work by author SV Nathan is well-researched and well-written, providing valuable insights and practical advice for anyone looking to find more purpose and fulfillment in their work. The author’s lucid writing style makes the book accessible to a wide audience, especially to those who burden themselves with work.

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In conclusion, this book is a valuable guide or the Bible for anyone seeking to improve their work-life with a sense of satisfaction at the end. Every individual deserves a peaceful sleep after a day’s work. If the work and life balance are perfect, their career and benefits will reap extraordinary results. This is a recommended book to all those who are looking for work-life balance.

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