Book Review: ‘The Hindutva Paradigm’ by Ram Madhav

Integral Humanism: India's Quest for a Global Vision

Book Title: The Hindutva Paradigm: Integral Humanism and the Quest for a Non-Western Worldview
Author: Ram Madhav
Publisher: Rupa Publications India
Number of Pages: 440
ISBN: 978-9361567988
Date Published: Mar. 11, 2024
Price: INR 315

The Hindutva Paradigm by Ram Madhav Book Cover

Book Review

In “The Hindutva Paradigm: Integral Humanism and the Quest for a Non-Western Worldview,” Ram Madhav embarks on an intellectual journey to explore the philosophical underpinnings introduced by Deen Dayal Upadhyay in the 1960s. Madhav, seeking to transcend the narrow confines of political ideology, delves deep into the essence of ‘Integral Humanism,’ a concept that promises an alternative to the prevailing Western-centric world order.

The book is not just an homage to Upadhyay’s vision but an expansive engagement with the ideas and historical currents that have shaped not only India but the world at large. By situating Upadhyay’s philosophy within a broader global context, Madhav aims to present a cohesive framework for understanding India’s place in a rapidly evolving international landscape.

Madhav’s narrative transcends a mere ideological treatise, offering a nuanced exploration of the diverse influences that have molded the RSS’s worldview and its pragmatic stance on contemporary issues. Through chapters that juxtapose human rights and dignity, the ideals of womanhood across cultures, and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s perspectives on national and international affairs, the book offers a fresh lens to view the often-misunderstood facets of the RSS ideology. The discussion on ‘Rashtram’ and its civilizational significance in the Indian context stands out, presenting a compelling case for a synthesis of the constitutional and civilizational debates that have long polarised Indian discourse.

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The book is meticulous in its scholarship, weaving together ancient wisdom and modern challenges. Madhav draws from a rich tapestry of sources, including classical Indian texts and debates from the Constituent Assembly, to articulate a vision of India that is both rooted in tradition and responsive to contemporary exigencies. The detailed bibliography invites readers to explore the intellectual foundations of the Hindutva paradigm further, offering a gateway to understanding the complex interplay of ideas that has shaped India’s ideological landscape.

The Hindutva Paradigm” by Ram Madhav explores the Indian intellectual tradition’s diverse thought and encourages a discourse that values ideas over identities. It proposes a non-Western framework for governance, development, and global cooperation, rooted in human dignity and holistic development, reflecting India’s future path.

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