Book Review: The Hyderabad Heist by Sharmishta Shenoy


Book Title: The Hyderabad Heist – The Untold Story of India’s Biggest Museum Theft
Author: Sharmishta Shenoy        
Published By:
Rupa Publications

Book Review
Author Sharmistha Shenoy of the Vikram Rana series has released a non-fiction novel based on events in Hyderabad. The plot revolves around the robbery at Nizam’s museum. Recovery of stolen treasures from museums is incredibly uncommon, and this is one of the most exceptional cases where the stolen objects were ultimately recovered.

The Hyderabad Heist by Sharmishta Shenoy
The Hyderabad Heist by Sharmishta Shenoy

This book describes how the heist was planned, how the events that ensued evolved, and how the police department could track down the culprits and recover the stolen items. The author Sharmishta did a superb job of highlighting the detective skills of the police and delving into the mind of the offenders.

The writing style of this book is so comfy that the inquiry process is highly intriguing. There were some real photographs from the inquiry, which added clarity and understanding to the case. This book sheds light on the appalling condition of our culturally significant objects and monuments.

Speaking of potentially damaging truths, Indian museums confront various obstacles, including a lack of finance. Many museums experience a lack of cash, resulting in insufficient maintenance and conservation efforts. Furthermore, weak infrastructure with limited storage capabilities, resulting in artifact degradation and loss, is adequately articulated at a sublime level.

The 216-page book speaks a lot about the novel’s underlying topic and background, as it was a multimillion-dollar heist of different artifacts that drew international notice. The book recounts everything that went into locating the stolen gems in-depth and movingly, which was done consistently across the chapters.

Furthermore, since the mystery gradually unravels and the language is kept simple, the plot’s growth keeps the reader’s attention. This short book would be an excellent read for mystery and real crime fans. This book highlights the Hyderabad Police Department’s effectiveness and devotion.

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