Book Review: The Indian Metropolis by Feroze Varun Gandhi

The big book to make urban life hassle-free.


Book Title: The Indian Metropolis: Deconstructing India’s Urban Spaces
Author: Feroze Varun Gandhi
Publisher: Rupa Publications

Book Review
The Indian Metropolis by Feroze Varun Gandhi, in short, aims to start a national discourse about the concerns and provide methods to transform our cities into supportive, invigorating places that improve the typical city dweller’s everyday existence.

The Indian Metropolis by Feroze Varun Gandhi Book Cover
The Indian Metropolis by Feroze Varun Gandhi Book Cover

This book, written by BJP MP Mr. Feroze Varun Gandhi, analyses the challenges Indian towns face and offers a toolkit to aid in reassessing urban area management and sustainable development techniques. The purpose of this book’s writing, which is to comprehend and explain the hardships of rural India and how Indians live in urban India, appears to be a difficult one.

The hundreds of Indians who were surviving the plague in our cities, however, made it plain through his encounters with them that daily life there was challenging. And the book primarily emphasizes this.

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This 840-page arduous book’s primary goal is to improve community economic connectedness. The real estate markets will undergo a significant transformation due to increased urban mobility to meet the need for cheap homes. And one of the notable topics addressed in the book is the split of the vast different divisions to improve governance.

There are nine chapters in all, and each one discusses elements that policymakers must consider if they want to improve the sustainability of urban life. This book provides a comprehensive understanding of how modern cities may be made into comfortable living places with good planning and funding via facts, numbers, and excellent research.

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